1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon

This 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Flexes Serious Muscle with a Corvette LS1 Engine Swap

When the iconic Chevrolet Chevelle first hit the scene for the 1964 model year, it quickly gained popularity for its wide range of available body styles spanning from a practical four-door sedan to a flashy two-door convertible. But the real powerhouse of the lineup was the rare Z16 option, which packed a big-block 396 V8 motor paired to a four-speed manual transmission.

While this particular 1964 Chevelle chassis number 45415L142210 may not be one of those coveted Z16 cars, it has undergone an extensive frame-off restoration and customization to become a true one-of-a-kind build. The sleek black exterior hides a modern powerplant swap that gives this classic wagon some serious muscle car credentials.


Corvette LS1 V8 Engine Delivers Modern Power

Gone is the mild-mannered inline six that originally came in this Chevelle wagon. In its place sits an LS1 V8 crate engine straight out of a Corvette, completely transforming the driving dynamics of this vintage family hauler.

The all-aluminum 5.7L LS1 packs a punch with 336 horsepower to the rear wheels and 345 lb-ft of torque – that’s some impressive twist from this unexpected wagon. Upgrades like BRP Hot Rods headers, Holley oil pan, and a COMP Cams camshaft with RPM valvetrain components ensure this engine swap integrates seamlessly with the Chevelle’s chassis.

Shifting duties are handled by a 4L60E automatic transmission feeding a 12-bolt rear end with a limited-slip differential. So this wagon has the performance to back up its aggressive looks.

Sleek Exterior and Luxury Interior Restoration

One glance at this blacked-out Chevelle makes it clear this isn’t your typical grocery-getter station wagon. The glossy paint is contrasted by polished aluminum wheels with a retro steelie look. Modern performance tires provide plenty of grip to harness the LS1’s power.

Inside, the restoration is just as impressive with luxury touches like Dakota Digital analog gauges, Vintage Air climate control, and power windows all around. The tilt steering column improves driver comfort as well.

This is a wagon built to be driven and enjoyed, not just parked. The selling dealer invested countless hours to ensure every component was refinished or upgraded properly.

Why This 1964 Chevelle Is Worth the Investment

With an asking price of $79,900, this Chevelle wagon commands serious money. But one look under the hood at that LS1 explains where all those dollars were spent. Finding a 1964 model and restoring it to this level of quality is a massive undertaking.

Not only were time and effort poured into cosmetic details like the exterior paint and interior upholstery, but the chassis itself underwent a complete frame-off restoration. Every nut and bolt was addressed to optimize performance and drivability.

Add in the modern engine swap, transmission, and brake upgrades, and the value becomes clear. This Chevelle represents the ultimate blend of classic style and modern muscle. The work has already been done to create a turnkey daily driver or weekend cruiser.

For the discerning auto enthusiast, this 1964 wagon uniquely combines the style of a vintage Chevelle with the performance of a new Corvette. It allows you to stand out from the crowds of typical muscle cars.


What engine does this 1964 Chevelle have?

This Chevelle was upgraded with a Corvette LS1 5.7L V8 crate engine, giving it 336 horsepower and 345 lb-ft of torque while preserving the classic looks.

What transmission was used in the engine swap?

The LS1 engine is paired to a 4L60E automatic transmission taken from a late model GM vehicle. This provides smooth, modern shifting.

What other performance upgrades does it have?

In addition to the LS1 engine, this Chevelle was fitted with BRP Hot Rods headers, Holley oil pan, COMP Cams camshaft and valvetrain, Wilwood brake booster, and a limited-slip 12-bolt rear differential.

What body style is this 1964 Chevelle?

Somewhat unusually, this is a 1964 Chevelle 300 Deluxe station wagon model. The exterior was refinished in glossy black paint for a sinister look.

Why is this Chevelle wagon so expensive compared to others?

The $79,900 price accounts for the complete frame-off restoration and thoughtful customization with the LS1 swap. Significant time and money went into building this one-of-a-kind wagon.