Reviving a Classic: Watch the 1970 Dodge Challenger Undergo a Full Rebuild in Just Minutes!

The Mopar vehicle in question is in dire need of sandblasting, and the Detroit Muscle team takes it out for a spin in one of the most iconic Mopars of all time. Specifically, they are on the hunt for Project Ultra Violet, which happens to be a 1970 Challenger.

The team acquires a dilapidated ’70 Challenger and proceeds to demonstrate how to weld in new metal components such as the roof, drip rails, and A-pillars. Additionally, Jeff Schwartz, the chassis expert, brings in his G-Machine chassis to convert the uni-body Challenger into a full-frame. Then, the team installs a low deck, all-aluminum Hemi, and T56 six-speed gearbox into the ’70 Challenger resto-mod.

Celebrity builder Chris Ryan takes over next, demonstrating how to apply metallic paint and graphics to the very purple Challenger. The team also fabricates a high-flow EFI fuel system, serpentine belt drive, and dual-fan cooling system for the ’70 Hemi Challenger.