FULL BUILD: Restoring a ’70 Chevy Camaro RS/SS

This classic car was in pretty rough shape when we first got it, but with a lot of hard work and dedication, we were able to restore it to its former glory.

As you can see, this Camaro was in desperate need of some love. The body was rusted, the paint was faded, and the interior was falling apart.

The first step in restoring any classic car is to take it apart. This allows us to get a closer look at any damage and decide what parts need to be replaced.

We started by stripping the body down to its bare bones. This revealed a lot of rust damage, which meant we had to replace several body panels.

Once we had the new panels in place, we welded them onto the car and began the process of smoothing out the body.

We used a combination of sanding and filler to smooth out any imperfections in the body. Once it was smooth, we prepped it for paint.

Painting a classic car is a delicate process. We took our time to ensure that the paint job was flawless.

After several coats of paint, the car was starting to look like its former self again.

The interior of the car was in even worse shape than the body. We had to completely strip it down and replace almost everything.

We replaced the seats, the carpet, the headliner, and even the dashboard. We chose a classic black and white color scheme that really makes the car stand out.

Of course, no classic car restoration is complete without working on the engine. We rebuilt the original engine and added some performance upgrades.

And after months of hard work, the ’70 Camaro RS/SS was finally restored to its former glory.

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