Introducing Volo Auto Museum

Hi, my name is Jade Rams and my family has owned the Volo Auto Museum since 1960. We have a few hundred of the most exciting collector cars and they’re all for sale in one location. I personally have hand-picked them from around the country. Welcome to my sales shop, come on, let’s go for a spin.

The 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger

Hey all of you that love swingers, I’ve got a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger for you right here. It’s been rotisserie restored and completely rebuilt mechanically. This is a sweetheart of a car for not a lot of money. If you go to, that’s where you can get the price, read all the specs, and see about 100 pictures of this car, and not only this one but there are a few hundred collector cars all for sale at If you enjoy the video, subscribe to our YouTube channel, click on the Bell icon, and you’ll be the first notified as new ones come out. But right now, why don’t you join me, let’s go for a spin with this Swinger.

Details of the Car

We have pictures of this car down to a shell. I mean no interior, no trim, no wheels, no motor, no driveline, just a shell of a body completely restored. The body is in excellent shape, it’s sassy grass green and the fit is excellent. It all fits nice and flush, it’s smooth and straight. Look at these gaps, probably better than it was when it left the Mopar Factory. It’s all clean metal and straight, look how nice it all fits. It was a local award-winning painter that painted the car. It’s got a new vinyl top on it, original glass is typical, it’s got some light scratches but it’s good. Pioneer 6×9 speakers in there, the stainless trim got a little dimple here and there but overall it’s straight and shiny.

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Under the Body

Underneath the car, I told you it was rotisserie restored, they did the whole bottom, it’s all clean metal, the frame rails, the floor pans all look really good. Then they prepped it and they sprayed it with a bed liner so it’s got a real nice durable finish under there, you look up at the motor it still looks fresh.

Mechanics and Interior

The 727 was rebuilt by Bell’s Automatic, it’s got custom drive shaft, all new U-joints yolks that’s all new, eight and three-quarter rear end in the back with a 355 year that’s been rebuilt, new axles in the back, the fuel system looked new, the exhaust system looks new, the entire front end was rebuilt, the steering box all the steering components were rebuilt as disc brakes in front compartment is Rock Solid they did put a new trunk floor they didn’t just put patches in it’s a new trunk floor looks really good it’s all clean metal uh the original service manuals original valve covers are included the jam under the trunk lid painted really nice, new weather strip looks like there’s some extra touch up paint in there as well. The seats were reupholstered Headliners new, it’s got the cushion grip steering wheel that looks new, modern stereo it’s got a mini tachometer it’s got a gauge cluster down below the car was rewired front to back a thousand dollar wiring harness it’s all new uh wire harness throughout you put a 360 motor in here uh rebuilt also by a professional the guy rebuilt the engine was inducted into the Illinois stock car Hall of Fame uh so he knows what he’s doing a mild performance cam it’s a cruiser you’ll hear in a minute it sounds nice but it’s a cruiser does have headers got an aluminum intake with a dual feed heli carb really nice Mopar valve covers alternator looks new power steering got an aluminum radiator with a fan mounted to the engine and it has a big giant electric fan in front of the radiator door panels are nice there’s like a little Nick here so they’re not brand new but they’re real nice carpet does look new it’s got seat belts let me fire it up for you The guy that restored the car is the person we acquired it from he’s put about 5 000 miles on it this is a turnkey car the bugs have been worked out it’s all sorted out this is a car you just get in and drive and enjoy yet It’s nice enough to go to car shows you can do anything you want with this car seat cushions nice and firm the instrument panel is all real nice I mean that sounds good very Snappy responsive weather strips are nice door jambs are painted real nice air cleaners restored As a new pie pin on the top foreign Works everything fits nice closes nice. So there you have it a real nice car and again very affordable visit it’s probably the best way to get in contact with us all our information is there be happy to help you with questions about the car the process delivery financing we can help with all of that.

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