1971 Pontiac GTO vs 1971 Buick GS455

hey everyone before we start the video there’s just one quick thing I wanted to say to all the fathers out there and that is happy Father’s Day I know I have to thank my own dad for getting me into cars at such a young age and I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there that can relate to that as well so again to all the dads out there happy Father’s Day of course I appreciate you watching and if you’re passionate about cars make sure that you share that with the people that you care about with that

said let’s move on to our featured video everyone and welcome back to cars and zebras today I have another featured drag race so I sure hope that you enjoy it if you find the video entertaining please make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel because I do post these videos regularly and also make sure to share it with your friends so they can enjoy it as well I do appreciate you watching so without further adieu let’s get to our featured drag race our first car is a 1971 Pontiac GTO and Pontiac sold a lot of

GTO s that year over 10,000 but this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill GTO it’s one that is stuffed with the monster 455 cubic inch high output engine making 335 horsepower and 400 eighty pound feet of torque at 3600 rpm and keep in mind 1971 was the beginning of the end for the muscle car era and this car came with only 8.

4 to 1 compression so power output like it has is pretty impressive of course there was the option for the four-speed manual but this one comes equipped with the heavy-duty th400 three-speed automatic and to top it off lighting up those rear wide oval tires is a set of 331 gears the 71 GTO wasn’t the lightest vehicle on the road it weighed in at just over 3,600 pounds base price that year was three thousand four hundred forty six dollars and if you wanted the 455 H oh you had to shell out another 136 dollars as I had already mentioned Pontiac produced over 10,000

GTO in 1971 but this specific car a hardtop automatic with the 455 HL well it’s only one of 412 cars when Motor Trend tested a similar car with a four-speed manual they got a 0 to 60 time of 6.1 seconds and a quarter mile of 13.4 seconds I think we all know that Motor Trend was very conservative in their testing back then so I’m guessing this car is gonna run a little bit faster but first let’s take a look at its opponent this is a 1971 Buick GS 455 but not just any GS 455 this one features the coveted stage

1 package giving it 345 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque at 3000 RPM and just like pontiac buick compression ratios dropped significantly for 1971 with this car rated at 8.5 to 1 and also like the pontiac this car features the heavy duty th400 three-speed automatic transmission that spins the rear wheels through a 373 gear I should also mention that the interiors on both of these cars are absolutely fantastic surprisingly the Buick is actually a little bit lighter than the Pontiac coming in at around 3500 pounds base

price for a 1971 GS 455 was around $3,200 but if you want that stage one option you’d have to cough up another 200 bucks the GS sold rather well in 1971 with just over ninety one hundred units produced but remember that’s all GS models if you’re looking at a hardtop automatic 455 stage one that car is only one of 687 Motor Trend tested the stage 1 car and ran the quarter-mile in thirteen point three eight seconds just like the GTO I suspect that this GS 455 stage one is going to run a little quicker so let’s see what they can do


to low compression cars Duke Wins 1200 hammer has this 1971 kayak GTO with a post by Big Show and it was left language at the top of Buick this is like top Pontiac top doing the night Siwan 102 miles per hour losing red lady buick 12 [Music] again thanks for watching I really appreciate it make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any future drag race videos and of course I’ll see you at the next one you.