’61 CADILLAC with CUSTOM PAINT Unveiled at SEMA 2019

I got this car it’s been sitting around for a while been waiting for its time well the time has oh this is going to be wicked been waiting for the opportunity the right reason to build this car opportunity has not I am answering that door today I’m gonna sit down with my man Ryan go over this project we’re gonna make this thing rock Ryan what’s happening where did this come from I wasn’t looking for this this is mine and it was just too good to say I’m not gonna do so let’s roll the dice and

let’s do the 61 Cadillac okay 1961 marked the beginning of the second generation of a wildly popular Coupe DeVille the second time turned out to be a charm for Cadillac a new backwards slanting grill gleaming between dual headlamps scaled-down tail fins and a redesigned hood lip made for an understated charm that called buyers flip fork and while the 61 caddy was sweet on the outside under the hood it was all business with a 390 cubic inch v8 engine maxing out at 325 horsepower the 61 could get from 0 to 60 and 10.3
seconds get you down the road not just in style but in a hurry the gentlemen that had this car before me was driving it daily okay so that’s that’s a really good sign so who got the car to this point if it was running to drive well the gentleman that owned it before me was going to restore it and do it okay he basically took it all apart got to this point and was like I gotta do something else yes what are we doing with it now I’m so glad you asked this is the next one that that goes to the Valspar at SEMA Oh SEMA the biggest

aftermarket automotive show in the world right here in Las Vegas every year and we’re stoked to be there die spend years building cars to show off at SEMA Count’s Kustoms we show up with something cool every year this car at one point in its life was you know like the teal Balor badass to you absolutely I love that frankly I would love to use that tones and that color vibe all over this thing I love the rift to where you know there was just stuff going on all over the place on right but in different flavors
of this steals and turquoises using your charcoals and your grays and your blacks and stuff like that all over that you want the whole thing or just the tops in the middle flake cuz this is a lot of car to get well that kind of Lake on I think the top should just be a a solid color flaked out top and I think the entire body then should have all of the crazy artwork think rivey you know how many hours he’ll with the hours a month I know we’re in that review I know I know do you even know I don’t even know I

know do we tally how much no cuz we didn’t look at it that way it was this was a car that that we were just doing right so we just decided don’t keep track we don’t want to we don’t know and you want to do that to 61 Cadillac it makes no business sense but it’s just such a nice car I mean the lines are perfect so if she just was laid out properly and was just insane like that visually this is the next one to make a statement with alright we kicked the door in with the rig we’ll finish up you
know demolishing the building with this I’ll talk to get Oh Bob we’ll see about some crazy stuff we can do on the inside but the pain insanity man this is gonna be fun this beautiful Cadillac is on its way to SEMA we only got a few months luckily the Kellison is done she’s ready to go but we are all over this 61 Cadillac make sure she’s gorgeousness representing Count’s Kustoms man and we are looked at by the world and by our peers it’s important at this car rocks and I guarantee you she

will I can’t wait thanks man dude I’m gonna stock up on flake now yep oh this is gonna be it’s gonna live in paint for a couple months [Music] in here right yeah [Music] ah the doodling has begun what’s this what does this though this is stressing me out man you ever have a picture in your mind of what you want to do but it’s not focused it’s real fun you just see a bunch of colors and shapes yeah that’s about when you guys tell me no you’re not gonna do that that’s dumb I don’t like it this isn’t
about you this is about you and your hard time there you can’t come up with a good idea I’m stressed the hell out what I want to do on the 61 Cadillac it’s and this way way this is the one for SEMA gets to should be stressed out no kidding because 55 gasser last year last year no knocked it out of the park everybody loved it we had the Riviera that was another one who knocked out of the ballpark for SEMA so we can’t just are seem a record do this and then or even stand the same you can’t exactly it’s

you have to show up yourself top of that I haven’t done a really cool multicolored paint job in what 20 years wait wait so you’re going multicolored on this candies multicolored flakes pearls pinstriping I don’t want it to be like the Riviera it’s where it’s all different shades of the same color yeah I want all the colors I’ve got color samples the teal on the wall that’s the fabric for the interior the dash is done in this color gotcha so I want everything to be a little off I don’t
want all the colors so just blend together because then you miss all the detail not sure so nice we’ve got different shades of teal right yeah for going and these are the colors I’m thinking about for additional graphics I don’t want any the pinstriping to be a teal well let me help you out then here let me help you here that’s gonna be a good one with that all these colors are good that’s good one with that there you go those are the cups what about these two what about all these other ones
that’s just three let me out yeah stop overthinking it those are the cops don’t overthink it right you’re gonna do great that doesn’t help me in any way when I first got this Cadillac man I didn’t know what I was gonna do with it then it hit me man let’s go to SEMA let’s make this thing off the chain brother we rebuilt this car from top to bottom the engine the transmission everything is perfect gentle Bob crazy on the interior and then Ryan my lord he went nuts on the paint job I am so proud of this car

this has been no easy task man and I’m very very happy the entire team has come out swinging in this Cadillac she’s gorgeous man I’m so proud of my team a hundred percent we’re unveiling her right now in the Matrix booth I cannot wait to see what the car world thinks of my Cadillac let’s go we got a Cadillac to look at she’s all covered up you guys want to see the Cadillac I hope you guys dig it oh my gosh [Music] you did exactly what we wanted you to do and then some so it’s amazing I love all
cats man this thing might be my favorite we found all the error correct parts we needed to get her together including a course those gangster white walls we straightened and smooth their body to perfection and then we made her pretty ghetto Bob outdid himself on the interior creating a design that could be from the factory if the factory was the world’s coolest factory upholstery shop it’s just gorgeous man Ryan almost earned himself on this one taking hours and hours to create maybe the most insane paint design we’ve ever done he

stuck with the teal base just like the car once was but he found about a dozen other colors to complement this cars beautiful curves and body lines this caddy is cool this caddy is bad and this caddies about to turn some heads at SEMA 61 cadillac built Count’s Kustoms style the car itself this is is literally brand new from front to back engine rebuilt transmitted built suspension brakes upgrades air conditioning drive it all day long enjoy it all day long but look like a rockstar believe it or not the cars original interior color
that’s what it was I heard all of the entire thing absolutely rejoins I feel don’t walk around the side you know I know I don’t this detail I love the rose petals it’s classy what Oliver Ryan did was even when he laid down the base before he lay down the graphics he laid down all these different fades throughout so this is the face before he even got all the graphics on it’s just it’s just it’s just insane got a white silver than a dark blue and then a green and then another silver and then the dark changes
color the whole time the Cadillac just asked us to be teal it’s so neat we went with the teal vibe but then Ryan just went crazy he does what he does on the inside of this thing we found this thank you I called it broke a yeah Cadillac original brocade stuff that was inside the car and we shopped and shopped and shop and actually found the original material the original material you can see the teal in it car you cruisin yes exactly check out this dude oh yeah this is perfect tell me that’s not nice tell me that’s
not nice get everyone out of the way go cruisin oh my god it’s amazing gotta look natural I know I do I know it is a girl you