When it comes to classic muscle cars, few models captivate enthusiasts quite like the 1971 Plymouth Cuda. With its iconic styling, powerful V8 engine, and a rare combination of features, this particular Cuda is a standout example that demands attention. If you’re a true muscle car aficionado, you’ll want to take a closer look at this 1971 Plymouth Cuda with numbers-matching authenticity, original colors, and factory air conditioning.

A Rarity in the Galen Govier’s Chrysler Registry

This 1971 Plymouth Cuda is more than just a beautiful classic; it’s a piece of automotive history. Registered in the prestigious Galen Govier’s Chrysler Registry, this Cuda has been meticulously verified and documented. What truly sets it apart is that it’s the only one ordered with this unique combination of features. This rarity makes it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Exterior Excellence

The exterior of this 1971 Cuda is a true head-turner. Dressed in factory-correct In Violet (also known as Plum Crazy), the vibrant purple paint and striking white billboard decals make a bold statement. The iconic quad headlights, fender gills, dual scooped hood with racing pins, and painted racing mirrors all contribute to the Cuda’s distinct and aggressive appearance.

Not only does it look good, but the body is also in exceptional shape, free from rust and imperfections. The vinyl top remains in excellent condition, maintaining its original color and quality. All the chrome and trim pieces sparkle, and the addition of 15-inch rallye wheels with BFG tires completes the classic muscle car aesthetic.

Interior Elegance

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a factory-original white interior that’s been immaculately preserved. The dash pad remains in mint condition, with no unsightly cracks. The instrument panel, gauges, controls, and original AM radio are all in great working order. Door panels, headliner, and carpet show minimal wear and appear almost new. The upholstery is well-preserved, and the original console with a factory slap-stick shifter adds to the vintage charm. A rare rear window defogger is another unique feature that sets this Cuda apart from the rest.

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Mighty Heart Under the Hood

Under the glossy purple hood lies the factory-original 383 V8 engine, boasting matching numbers to the car’s VIN. It retains stock manifolds, valve covers, and air cleaner, preserving its authenticity. What sets this Cuda apart even further is the presence of factory air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes – a rare combination for a muscle car of its era.

The engine compartment is not only clean but also meticulously detailed. Correct components, including the radiator, shroud, and hose clamps, are in place. Every detail, down to the squirters and battery with a disconnect switch, has been attended to. The VIN is stamped on the cowl and core support. In fact, this Cuda is a “double fender tag” car because of the numerous unique features that required two separate tags.

Trunk and Undercarriage

In keeping with the car’s theme, the trunk compartment is also a sea of purple. It showcases clean, solid metal and includes a spare tire, accompanied by a new-looking jack. A reproduction mat and weatherstripping ensure that this space is not only visually appealing but also functional.

Beneath the car, the undercarriage is rock-solid and completely original. The floors, frame rails, and rockers appear untouched, maintaining their factory undercoat. Remarkably, there’s no sign of spray paint or previous modifications, making this Cuda exceptionally authentic.

Mechanical Integrity

Beyond its exceptional appearance, this 1971 Plymouth Cuda maintains strong mechanical integrity. The engine, transmission, and rear end all perform as they should. The car features a correct dual exhaust system with mufflers and resonators, ensuring that the legendary Cuda sound is intact. Disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back provide reliable stopping power, while the e-brake assembly is properly hooked up.

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The transmission is the venerable 727 Torqueflite automatic, which remains clean and in excellent working order. Under the hood, the engine bay is spotless, with a fresh-looking starter, maintaining the high level of attention to detail seen throughout the vehicle.

In summary, this 1971 Plymouth Cuda is a rare and remarkable classic muscle car that checks all the boxes for enthusiasts and collectors. With its numbers-matching 383 V8 engine, original colors, factory air conditioning, and a history documented by Galen Govier, it’s a unique piece of automotive history that commands attention on the road and at car shows. If you’re in the market for a classic muscle car that combines stunning aesthetics with genuine performance, this Cuda is the one to watch.