When it comes to classic muscle cars, few names evoke as much excitement and nostalgia as the 1967 Pontiac GTO. However, not all GTOs are created equal, and one standout example is the 1967 Pontiac GTO Clone, which has been meticulously frame off restored and boasts the rare feature of air conditioning. If you’re a car enthusiast or collector, this California car is a true gem that offers a unique blend of power, style, and comfort. Plus, you’ll be delighted to know that choosing this GTO clone can save you a significant $20,000, all while enjoying a car that’s been expertly transformed from a clean Lemans into a GTO with exceptional options and eye-catching colors.

Exquisite Exterior

The first thing that catches your eye with the 1967 Pontiac GTO Clone is its stunning exterior. This car’s body is laser-straight, and its fit and finish are impeccable. With no signs of rust or damage, it’s clear that this vehicle has been cared for and restored with great precision. The iconic GTO scooped hood adds an extra touch of authenticity to the clone. The Regimental Red paint, with a polished finish that’s as smooth as glass, turns heads wherever it goes. While there might be a few minor imperfections if you scrutinize closely, they are hardly noticeable. The jambs are slick, and the weather strips look new. All the stainless and chrome elements are straight and shiny, and even the windshield has been replaced to ensure the car’s pristine appearance. The 1967 Pontiac GTO Clone proudly sits on a set of 15-inch chrome Cragar wheels with BFG tires, completing the classic muscle car look.

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Luxurious Interior

Step inside, and you’ll find that the interior of this GTO Clone has been given the same level of attention as its exterior. The seats have been rebuilt with new cushions and upholstery, providing comfort and support. New door panels and armrests add a touch of elegance. The dash pad was replaced, and the instrument panel and controls are clean and fully functional. You’ll also notice a retro stereo system installed in the factory location. A tachometer graces the column, and a gauge cluster is conveniently placed below the dash. The interior metal has been repainted in a glossy red finish, creating a visually striking contrast. The car retains its factory 4-speed console and features a walnut shift knob. The headliner has been replaced, ensuring that every detail of the interior exudes quality and authenticity.

Powerful Engine Compartment

Under the hood, the 1967 Pontiac GTO Clone is powered by a 1967 400 motor that has undergone a recent rebuild. The engine received thorough attention, including a re-grounded crank, new rods, all new bearings, a valve job, new seals, gaskets, and a harmonic balancer. An upgraded Edelbrock intake and carburetor enhance performance. What sets this GTO Clone apart is the presence of a factory air conditioning system that has been serviced and blows cold air, allowing you to cruise in comfort on warm California days. Additionally, power steering and brakes, along with a cadmium-plated booster, provide a smooth and controlled driving experience. The engine compartment is pristine, with all components properly installed, including hooked-up squirters, a correct shroud, hood insulation, and a neatly painted finish.

Spacious Trunk Compartment

Even the trunk compartment of this GTO Clone is a sight to behold. The trunk lid and jamb are impeccably finished, and the interior features rust-free metal with a spatter finish that adds a touch of authenticity. The weather strip, stickers, mat, and tire cover have all been replaced, ensuring that the trunk is as clean as the rest of the car. It also includes a restored jack, although there is no spare tire, consistent with the car’s sporty nature.

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Solid Underside

The underside of the 1967 Pontiac GTO Clone is just as impressive as its exterior and interior. The body was removed from the frame during restoration, and all suspension and steering components have been rebuilt, both front and rear. Air shocks in the rear provide adjustable ride height. The car retains the factory-type dual exhaust system with optional stainless tips, which adds an aggressive note to the V8 engine’s growl. Factory drum brakes at all four wheels ensure reliable stopping power. The e-brake is hooked up, and the brake lines have been replaced for safety and performance. When you look up at the motor from underneath, it appears brand new, with a fresh correct fuel pump and starter. The 4-speed transmission also presents itself as fresh and ready for action. The drive shaft has been replaced to ensure smooth power delivery. The floors and frame showcase clean metal with a smooth semi-gloss finish, a testament to the thoroughness of the frame-off restoration.

In conclusion, the 1967 Pontiac GTO Clone is a remarkable classic muscle car that has been lovingly restored to pristine condition. This California car’s frame-off restoration, air conditioning, and stunning Regimental Red exterior make it a standout among classic muscle cars. With its powerful engine, luxurious interior, and attention to detail throughout, this GTO Clone is a collector’s dream. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of automotive history and experience the thrill of driving a meticulously restored classic muscle car with modern comfort. Save $20,000 compared to an original GTO and relish the exceptional value and quality that this clone offers.

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