The Legendary 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback – A Perfect Blend of Style and Performance

The 1960s was an iconic era for American muscle cars, and few were more popular than the Ford Mustang. Especially coveted is the 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback, a classic pony car that delivers bold styling and thrilling performance. This pristine restored example is a rare find that captures the essence of Mustang magic.


The Mustang Takes the World by Storm

The Mustang was Ford’s smash hit when it debuted in 1964 as a 1965 model. This sporty, affordable coupe struck a chord with buyers, igniting the pony car craze. Incredibly, Ford sold over 400,000 Mustangs in the first model year alone. With each passing year, the Mustang gained refinements while retaining the fun, free-spirited character that made it a phenomenon.

By 1966, Ford fine-tuned the Mustang into one of the most iconic cars of the era. That year saw an astounding 607,568 Mustangs roll off assembly lines, and total production surpassed 1 million units. Out of the many body styles, the 1966 Mustang Fastback stands out as the most breathtaking and powerful pony ever unleashed.


The Allure of the Fastback

While the Mustang coupe and convertible had undeniable charm, the Fastback model added an aerodynamic, muscular presence. Its sweeping roofline and pointed rear-end exuded speed and aggression. Of all 1966 Mustangs built, only 27,809 came equipped in the Fastback body configuration. This low production number makes the ’66 Fastback extremely rare.

Adding to the allure, the ’66 Fastback served as the platform for Carroll Shelby’s GT350, a legendary high-performance variant. Shelby modified Fastbacks with race-tuned suspensions and high-output V8s, creating an intimidating road and track warrior. The association with Shelby gave the humble Fastback tremendous credibility as a serious performance machine.

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Powerful V8 Performance

This particular ‘**66 Mustang Fastback example packs plenty of punch thanks to its throaty 225 cubic-inch V8. Breathing through a four-barrel carburetor and free-flowing exhaust, this ponys motor produces a brisk 225 horsepower. Power flows rearward through a smooth-shifting C4 three-speed automatic transmission. A perfect blend of power, torque, and flexibility, this powertrain combo provides ample motivation. Upgrades such as Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, performance exhaust headers, and a tuned carb further enhance the driving experience. Even cruising along at highway speeds, the engine emanates a deep, satisfying rumble that brings a smile to your face. mash the accelerator and hold on tight!


Handling and Braking

In addition to straight-line speed, the 1966 Mustang Fastback delivers sports car-like handling and stopping power. At the front are firm, responsive coil springs along with precisely engineered geometry for nimble turn-in and mid-corner poise. Out back, leaf springs keep the rear end planted while allowing it to squat down and find traction under hard launches. Power assisted drum brakes all around supply strong, consistent stops to balance out the feisty acceleration. Go ahead and push this pony through the twisties – you’ll find it a willing, capable partner.


Iconic Styling Turns Heads

While performance counts, no car is complete without head-turning style. Here again, the 1966 Fastback delivers in spades. From the long hood, to the raked windshield and FASTBACK roofline, to the sequential taillights, every angle of this Mustang drips with attitude.

This example has been meticulously restored in its eye-catching original hue of Wimbledon White. Contrasting Black interior complements the exterior paintwork perfectly. The overall effect is a pony that looks right off the showroom floor. Other nice styling touches include the original Rally Pac gauge cluster, iconic GT-style fog lights, and dark tinted glass.

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Comfort and Convenience

In addition to styling and performance, the ’66 Fastback provides a comfortable, user-friendly driver’s environment. Settle into the supple black leather upholstered buckets, and you’ll feel ensconced in the ambiance of the 60s. Conveniences like air conditioning, a center console, and modern Bluetooth sound system keep passengers relaxed on long journeys. This Fastback has been lightly updated with enhancements to make it not only fun to drive, but easy to live with as well.





Own a Piece of Mustang History

The 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback stands tall as one of the most important and coveted cars of its era. Of all the fabulous Mustangs built in the 60s, the ’66 Fastback strikes the best balance of brute force and elegance. Finding one as impeccably restored and road-ready as thisexample is a rare occurrence.

Whether you’re a die-hard Mustang fan or collector, or simply want a classic car you can drive and enjoy, this ’66 Fastback is an opportunity not to be missed. Act quickly, as cars of this caliber seldom last long on the market. Become the steward of this incredible survivor Mustang – savor the journey ahead.



Frequently Asked Questions

What engine is in this ’66 Fastback?

This Mustang is powered by the 225 cubic-inch “Challenger” V8. This engine produces 225 horsepower and torque of 283 lb-ft.

What transmission does it have?

The engine sends power rearward through a C4 3-speed automatic transmission, a robust and reliable gearbox.

How many miles are on the odometer?

This Fastback shows 37,960 miles on the odometer. Total mileage is unknown but is believed to be accurate based on condition.

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What upgrades have been added?

Upgrades include Edelbrock aluminum intake, performance exhaust headers, Bluetooth radio system, air conditioning, and upgraded front seats to leather.

What documentation comes with this Mustang?

The car includes extensive service records, photos, and receipts dating back to 1993. This provides excellent provenance.