Ringbrothers, the renowned custom car builder, has taken the automotive world by storm with their latest creation: the 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster Pickup. Recently unveiled at SEMA 2022, this exceptional vehicle has captured the attention of car enthusiasts and collectors alike. As privileged spectators, we had the opportunity to witness the beauty of this masterpiece up close. Join us as we explore the mesmerizing details of the Ringbrothers 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster Pickup, codenamed ENYO.

A Glimpse of ENYO

The Ringbrothers 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster 1.5-ton Pickup, known as ENYO, is the brainchild of renowned designer Gary Ragle. Meticulously crafted over the course of 10,000 shop hours and 2,000 design and CAD hours, ENYO represents the epitome of automotive excellence.

Unleashing Power: Drivetrain Details

Powering ENYO is a formidable 510 cubic-inch tall-deck LS engine, courtesy of Goodwin Competition Racing Engines. With a remarkable output of 1000 horsepower fueled by 110 race fuel, this engine sets new standards in performance. To enhance its capabilities, the engine is equipped with a Kinsler LS-Sprint eight-stack injection system and a Holley fuel management system. Complementing the powertrain is the Bowler Performance 4L80 automatic transaxle with torque tube, ensuring seamless transmission of power to the wheels.

Harmonious Symphony: Exhaust System

The ENYO’s exhaust system is a testament to Ringbrothers’ attention to detail. Custom-fabricated one-off stainless headers, featuring titanium side pipes adorned with 58 feet of titanium pie-cut welds, not only provide exceptional performance but also add a touch of visual splendor to the vehicle.

Precision and Stability: Chassis and Suspension

The chassis of ENYO is a remarkable creation, born from the collaboration of Roadster Shop and Ahlman Engineering. Its cantilever independent suspension on both the front and rear, coupled with custom Öhlins TTX coilovers and Swift Springs, ensures a smooth and controlled ride even under the most demanding conditions. The suspension setup of ENYO guarantees both comfort and performance, a balance that is rarely achieved.

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Wheels and Tires: Enhancing Style and Grip

ENYO rides on bespoke HRE Wheels 911 centerlock wheels, available in two sets for street and race applications. The street configuration boasts 11×18-inch front wheels and 13.5×19-inch rear wheels. These are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports tires at the front and Bridgestone Potenza tires at the rear, measuring 315/30R18 and 345/35R19 respectively. For the racetrack, ENYO sports 13×18-inch front wheels and 15×18-inch rear wheels, shod with Goodyear Racing Eagle G-19 tires sized 315/30RR18 at the front and 365/35R18 at the rear. The combination of these wheels and tires not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics but also provides exceptional grip and handling.

Precision Braking: Brembo’s Contribution

The braking system of ENYO is nothing short of exceptional. Brembo, a leading brake manufacturer, equips this masterpiece with their GTS M6 brakes, featuring six-piston calipers at the front and rear. The stopping power delivered by these brakes instills confidence in the driver, ensuring a safe and controlled driving experience. In addition, ENYO is equipped with an E-Stopp emergency e-brake, providing an added layer of safety and convenience.

Electrical Excellence: Painless Wiring

ENYO’s electrical system is a result of Painless Wiring’s expertise. The wiring harness ensures a reliable and efficient flow of electricity throughout the vehicle, minimizing the chances of electrical issues and maximizing the overall performance.

Aesthetic Brilliance: Exterior and Interior

The stunning exterior of ENYO is a result of the collaboration between Ringbrothers and BASF Glasurit, a leading paint manufacturer. The Mythic Battle Green paint color adorns the vehicle’s body, accentuating its curves and lines. The paint booth by Global Finishing Solutions ensures a flawless finish that is second to none.

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Inside the cabin, Steve Pearson at Upholstery Unlimited and Gemini have created a captivating interior that complements the vehicle’s exterior brilliance. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the interior, providing a luxurious and comfortable environment for the driver and passengers.

Technological Advancements: Gauges and Climate-Control System

ENYO embraces modern technology with Dakota Digital gauges, displaying vital information with precision and style. The Vintage Air Gen II compact air-conditioning system keeps the cabin at the perfect temperature, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather conditions.


The Ringbrothers 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster Pickup, ENYO, is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design of Ringbrothers. From the powerful drivetrain to the precise chassis and suspension, every aspect of ENYO has been carefully crafted to deliver unrivaled performance and aesthetic brilliance. With its exceptional attention to detail and superior components, ENYO stands as a true masterpiece in the world of custom vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the designer of the Ringbrothers 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster Pickup? The designer of the Ringbrothers 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster Pickup is Gary Ragle.

2. What is the engine power of ENYO? ENYO is powered by a 510 cubic-inch tall-deck LS engine, producing an impressive 1000 horsepower.

3. What are the dimensions of the wheels and tires on ENYO? For street use, ENYO features 11×18-inch front wheels, 13.5×19-inch rear wheels, and tire sizes of 315/30R18 at the front and 345/35R19 at the rear. In race configuration, the front wheels measure 13×18 inches, the rear wheels are 15×18 inches, and the tire sizes are 315/30RR18 at the front and 365/35R18 at the rear.

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4. Which brake manufacturer equips ENYO? ENYO is equipped with Brembo brakes, featuring GTS M6 brakes with six-piston calipers at the front and rear.

5. What paint color is used on ENYO? ENYO is painted in the stunning Mythic Battle Green color, provided by BASF Glasurit.

Experience the epitome of automotive excellence with the Ringbrothers 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster Pickup, ENYO. From its breathtaking design to its awe-inspiring performance, ENYO represents the pinnacle of custom vehicle craftsmanship. Brace yourself for a truly unforgettable driving experience.