It is perhaps one of the most famous car movies of recent years and one that helped, to a large extent, to relaunch the mythical legend of the Ford Mustang -know its history-. The film ’60 seconds’ starring Nicolas Cage in the year 2000 has a second and very important protagonist, a silver Mustang with black stripes nicknamed ‘Eleanor’. In one of his latest videos, Supercar Blondie has tested the original Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 ‘Eleanor’.


A total of 11 identical units were built for the film, reserving three of them for the scenes where Memphis Raines, the character played by Cage, appeared driving it. Some of them were destroyed on set and others were sold or auctioned off after the feature film. This particular example is one that the 55-year-old actor drove during filming.

Supercar Blondie tests the original Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 ‘Eleanor’
After the success of ’60 seconds’, there have been many recreations of the ‘Eleanor’ Mustang that have been made. However, to identify an original unit from a replica, just look at the exhaust. During the film, the exhausts were in the rear area, but originally they were installed on the sides, so after filming, they were returned to their original location.

Under the hood is the VIN which verifies authenticity along with the Total Control Products suspension parts, although an inside shot of the hood never appears in the film. In the passenger compartment, the seat belt is too short to engage and you have to keep your foot on the accelerator to prevent the engine from stalling.

The car belongs to ChromeCars, in Germany, who has left the car in its original state without any restoration. It is the same unit that appears on the screen flying with Cage at the wheel. All the company has done has been to maintain it, control the fluids and tires and prevent it from deteriorating. According to Chris from ChromeCars, this car should be worth around 2 million dollars (1.78 million euros) in its original condition. Do not miss the video (in English).