Drag Week: Justin Oney’s Photo Diary – Day Two Topeka, Kansas On The Strip And On The Roads

The Morning Buzz in Topeka, Kansas

As the participants and staff of Drag Week woke up on the second morning in Topeka, Kansas, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and questions. Who among them had successfully completed the grueling drive?

Who had faced catastrophic breakdowns? And how many cars had met their untimely demise along the highway from Tulsa to Topeka? Unfortunately, the start of the second day saw approximately 30 cars drop out of the race, accounting for roughly 10% of the initial field. Each participant had their reasons, ranging from mechanical failures to personal circumstances, ultimately leaving them unable to continue the challenging journey.

The Peculiar Charm of Topeka Racetrack

Topeka racetrack has a peculiar charm that sets it apart. Having visited the facility earlier in the year, I couldn’t help but notice its unique layout. With a road course running parallel to the drag strip, the stands are positioned miles away from the action.

As an announcer, the experience is both awe-inspiring and strange, akin to projecting your voice into the depths of the Grand Canyon. While your words reverberate somewhere in the distance, the absence of visible reactions creates an unusual atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the competitors seemed to embrace the track, delivering impressive performances and showcasing their skills. In the photo gallery below, you’ll witness exhilarating wheelie action and tires contorting under the immense power unleashed on the strip.

The Journey Continues: From Topeka to Noble, Oklahoma

Leaving Topeka behind, the road trip to Noble, Oklahoma – the track awaiting the racers the following day – proved to be a delightful adventure. Justin, our dedicated photographer, made a pit stop along the way, capturing captivating snapshots of the competitors as they traversed the road.

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The sight of trailers, roof racks, and other creative means of carrying equipment and spare parts highlighted the unique nature of Drag Week. This event is more than just a race; it encapsulates the spirit of a thrilling road trip. Exploring small towns untouched by the homogeneity of chain stores, one can’t help but appreciate their preserved historical charm, reminiscent of a bygone era.


Day Two of Drag Week in Topeka, Kansas, brought both triumphs and setbacks. As participants faced the challenges of mechanical failures and personal circumstances, the resolve and determination of those who continued were commendable.

The Topeka racetrack offered a peculiar yet exhilarating experience, with its distant stands and stunning performances.

The journey from Topeka to Noble, Oklahoma, served as a testament to the adventure and camaraderie fostered during Drag Week. As the event progresses, we eagerly anticipate the thrills and surprises that await the participants.


1. How many cars dropped out of Drag Week on the second day in Topeka, Kansas? Around 30 cars, accounting for approximately 10% of the initial field, dropped out of Drag Week on the second day in Topeka, Kansas.

2. What factors contributed to the cars dropping out of the race? Cars dropped out for various reasons, including catastrophic breakdowns, racers reconsidering their participation, and unforeseen personal circumstances.

3. What makes Topeka racetrack unique? Topeka racetrack stands out due to its layout, featuring a road course running parallel to the drag strip. The stands are positioned at a significant distance from the action, creating a distinct atmosphere for participants and announcers.

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4. How did the drive from Topeka to Noble, Oklahoma contribute to the Drag Week experience? The drive from Topeka to Noble, Oklahoma, is an integral part of the Drag Week experience. It allows participants to bond, explore small towns, and appreciate the charm of less commercialized areas, reminiscent of a bygone era.

5. What can we expect in the upcoming days of Drag Week? In the upcoming days of Drag Week, we can anticipate more thrilling performances, camaraderie among participants, and unexpected twists as they continue their challenging journey. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates!