Prowler 1999: A Classic Car Review

The Exterior

We’re on the prowl today, taking a look at a 1999 Prowler with only 2300 miles. This bright red beauty features chrome wheels and is a real head-turner. The front end of the Prowler is designed by Chip Fous and resembles the classic 34 High Boy look. The long sleek front end and exposed front suspension give it a distinctive old-school charm, while the projector beam headlights add a modern touch. The condition of the exterior is pristine, with no nicks, chips, or scratches in sight. The bright red paint is flawless, and the rubber trim and seals are in excellent shape. The big chrome wheels and sport mirrors add to the overall appeal.

The Interior

Moving on to the interior, the convertible top opens up to reveal a well-maintained black canvas top. While there’s not much trunk space, the top is easy to use and adds to the car’s allure. The door jams, weather strips, and door panels are all in mint condition, and the power windows, locks, and mirrors work perfectly. The tilt wheel, white face gauges, and red instrument panel contribute to the vintage hot rod style. The center console and leather seats with Prowler embossing add to the overall luxurious feel.

Under the Hood

The 1999 Prowler is powered by a 3.5 L V6 24-valve engine with plenty of modern technology. While it may not have the massive horsepower of an old hot rod, it offers plenty of power for cruising around. The car is equipped with air conditioning, power steering, and advanced suspension systems. Underneath the hood, the engine and surrounding components look brand new, and the chassis and suspension systems are in excellent shape. This high-tech car has a lot to offer, making it a wise investment for any classic car enthusiast.

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In conclusion, the 1999 Prowler is a limited edition classic car that offers the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern reliability. With its low mileage, red paint, and chrome wheels, it’s a bargain compared to other classic cars on the market. If you’re interested in owning a Prowler, visit to find out more about pricing and financing options. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more car reviews, and thank you for watching!