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Welcome back to our modern muscle car division where we showcase some of the most stunning muscle cars on the market. Today, we have a special treat for you – a 1987 Buick Grand National that is sure to impress.

Original Paint and Stock Condition

This Buick Grand National boasts original paint and has been kept in stock condition. It is in impeccable shape and has been collector-owned. What’s more, it’s a T-top car with only 9,100 original miles on it.

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A Rare Find

Finding a Grand National in such excellent condition is a rare occurrence. This 1987 model was hidden in Tennessee for quite some time and was acquired from a collector who took impeccable care of it. With only 9,100 miles, it is a true gem.

Exterior Condition

The original paint still shines beautifully on this Grand National. Even the bumper fillers and metal bumpers are in fantastic shape. The wheels are original, and the tires have been replaced in recent years, ensuring excellent tread and safety.

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Exceptional Interior

The interior of this Grand National is as impressive as its exterior. The original two-tone interior is in stellar condition, reflecting the care and love it has received over the years. Even the small details like the paper tag on the sun visor add to the car’s authenticity.

Under the Hood

The 3.8 liter V6 turbocharged and intercooled engine is a powerhouse, delivering impressive performance. It has been meticulously maintained, and everything under the hood is original, showcasing the exceptional condition of this vehicle.

Ready to Hit the Road

This Grand National has been thoroughly looked after, making it ready to hit the road. Whether you want to cruise in it or add it to your collection as an appreciating asset, this car is a stunning addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

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