The Studebaker Avanti: A Unique and Iconic Car

When Studebaker made the Avanti back in the 1960s, it was a very unique and futuristic car with all sorts of safety features incorporated into it. It had a look like no other car. However, Studebaker as a whole went out of business, and over the years there have been attempts to revive the Avanti.

This is a 1987 Avanti 2, and only 91 of these cars were made. It was made using leftover Avanti parts, but by this time, they were put on a GM chassis, specifically a Monte Carlo chassis. The motor, transmission, brakes, and air conditioning are all General Motors. This means that it can be serviced just like any 1987 Monte Carlo. This particular Avanti only has 31,000 actual miles and is an unrestored, well-kept original example.

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The body of the 1987 Avanti 2 is made of high-quality fiberglass and is straight as can be. It has Square headlights, a color-keyed bumper, and fog lamps down below. This particular Avanti has Chrome American Racing wire wheels and Bridgestone tires. The glass looks crystal clear, and the stainless trim is very straight and shiny. The rubber seals also look to be in good condition.

Moving to the inside of the Avanti 2, you will find a clean trunk compartment that is carpeted very nicely. The entire interior is professionally done, with burlwood instrument panels, a full set of matching gauges, and a Sony stereo. The seats are power seats, and there are 6×9 speakers in the back. The rear window defogger, power antenna, and other features make the inside of the Avanti 2 a comfortable and unique place to be.

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The 1987 Avanti 2 is powered by a stock GM 305 Monte Carlo engine. It may not have huge horsepower, but it is a nice cruiser. The radiator, alternator, air conditioning, and other components are all GM and have been well cared for.

In terms of driving, the Avanti 2 sits on a Monte Carlo SS chassis, so all the GM quality is there. It drives smoothly and comfortably, making it a great option for a leisurely cruise. The overall condition of the car is outstanding, making it a true survivor with only 31,000 original miles on it.

In conclusion, the Studebaker Avanti is a unique and iconic sports car that has gone through numerous ownership changes over the years. It has a cult following and remains a piece of American car history. If you are interested in this classic car, you can find it for sale at The salesman at Volocars will be thrilled to help answer your questions and assist you in getting the car to your house and financing it. Subscribe to their channel for more classic car videos and updates.

In a nutshell, the 1987 Avanti 2 is a beautifully maintained and well-cared-for classic car that is ready to cruise the streets and turn heads. If you are a fan of classic cars, especially the iconic Studebaker Avanti, this may be the perfect addition to your collection.