1981 DeLorean: An Icon of the Past

One of the most iconic cars in history is the 1981 DeLorean. This vehicle gained widespread popularity after its appearance in the movie “Back to the Future,” where it was featured as the time machine that took its passengers into the future. However, this iconic car is more than just a Hollywood prop. It has a fascinating story that goes beyond the silver screen.

A Scandalous Past

The DeLorean is closely associated with its creator, John DeLorean. Prior to founding his own car company, John DeLorean was a prominent figure at General Motors. However, he ventured out on his own in an attempt to create his own car company. Unfortunately, his venture was marred by scandal when he was caught in a large cocaine deal. This scandal was a desperate attempt to raise money to save his sinking business. Despite this controversy, the DeLorean represents an era and a unique part of automotive history.

Exquisite Condition

The 1981 DeLorean being discussed has only 4,200 miles on it, making it one of the most well-maintained examples of this iconic vehicle. Its pristine condition sets it apart from other DeLoreans, making it a truly remarkable find.

Exterior and Interior Features

This DeLorean boasts glowing doors and stainless steel body panels, making it unique and recognizable. The brushed aluminum panels are in excellent shape, with no visible signs of damage or wear. The stainless steel body is free from dents, scrapes, or scratches, making it stand out as a prime example of this historical automobile.

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The interior of the car is equally impressive, with mint condition gauges, a crack-free dashboard, and genuine leather seats. The floor mats and light gray carpet are also in impeccable condition, further contributing to the overall appeal of this classic vehicle. The five-speed transmission and the air conditioning system are other notable features that make it a standout among other DeLoreans.

Exceptional Maintenance and Service

The car was serviced by the DeLorean Motor Company, ensuring that it is in excellent running condition. The inherent issues that these cars often face, such as the unreliable door struts and the deteriorating headliners, have been impeccably maintained in this particular vehicle.

Under the Hood

Beneath the stainless steel exterior, this DeLorean houses a Volvo V6 motor, making it more of a grand touring car rather than a sports car. The underbelly of the car is exceptionally clean, with no signs of rust or wear.

This particular 1981 DeLorean is a true gem and a must-have for any car enthusiast. Visit Volocaris.com to learn more about this exceptional vehicle, view images of it top to bottom, and explore pricing options. If you’re interested in owning a piece of automotive history, take advantage of the “Buy It Now” option on the website. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the Bell icon to stay updated on our latest content. Thank you for watching!