1973 Camaro Rally Sport Z28

We’ve got a hot ticket today 1973 Camaro Rally Sport Z28 numbers matching motor four-speed transmission uh factory colors this thing’s been body off frame restored only about 800 miles since it’s been finished and the restorer claim there’s 39 000 actual miles on the car since it was built new

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Sharp car and it’s a nice car um so anyway start with the roof really nice straight roof little imperfection in the paint we’ll talk more about the paint but little tiny pimples right there and there’s like a little bump right there but the roof is straight coming down here is real nice typical

Hairline crack and I do mean it’s a hairline this is all nice and clean very clean around here this is just held on with Clips that’s removable all excellent shape it has the three piece tall spoiler this is all looking Dynamite clean straight no issues beautiful all

Nice and clean all the way to the bottom clean rocker panels look at that lines up real nice a few little tiny pimples down there just very small oh that opens super easy big heavy door opens and closes like new smooth clean lines up real nice you got sport mirrors

This is excellent just a tiny tiny hairline crack right there they did add a raised Cowl Hood all this is clean straight lines up real nicely yeah hood fits square and flush so the Rally sport has the nose that sticks out front also known as a split bumper because instead of one bumper

It’s got two it’s also a reconfiguration of the light so that’s got the Rally Sport front end which is really desirable and a spoiler down below stripes are painted on according to the tag there’s a picture of the tag on our website I forget the number offhand but it came up as Orange

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So the emblems look new all the glass was replaced not just the windshield but all four windows were replaced this trim is like an eight out of a ten it’s got a little surface marks on it this here looks new the rubber seals the door handle oh yeah this one opens Probably one of the best operating 70 to 74 Camaro doors I’ve tried this trim is new everything back here Chrome the sticker the lenses all our sparkling and beautiful got the correct 15 inch Z28 Wheels they look like they’re restored BF Goodrich Tires look new car sits nice yeah it’s a really nice

Car I like what I see so far let’s see if the interior lives up to it all right let’s see what the trunk compartment looks like opens on its own because we just put new torsion springs under there bottom side of the trunk is painted real nicely stickers were replaced Jam is painted

Nice weather strip is replaced insides all clean metal does have a new mat it’s spatter painted neatly the insulation in the back of the seat is new it’s got a modern collapsible spare tire under here I don’t see a jack so be a good idea to probably have like a scissors Jack you

Don’t want to use the bumper Jack anymore the wiring the housings all that looks nice and clean each car gets inspected goes through the shop I actually post it right on our website what we had done to it but I do know the springs for the trunk was definitely one of them The GMS are real clean painted real nice the weather strips look new and may fit real well sill plates are new the entire door panel the the plastic lowers and in the center section the handles and cranks all the door panel looks like brand new all the dash the vents the instrument

Panel all looks like new full set of gauges including a tachometer and a optional clock the dash pad fits real nicely it’s not warped inside the glove box is nice and clean got owner’s manual and a pouch all the vents kick panels are real nice so the carpet fits beautifully it’s not Wrinkled it’s real nice you got reproduction mats you got the factory four speed AM FM stereo works seats got great cushions and upholstery the back of the seats rear floor mats and everything in back’s Just As Nice the upholstery the side panels the rear speaker shelf all excellent shape

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The headliner is new dome light works the visors and the mirror look like they’re all new original style steering wheel and very good shape yeah it’s a really nice nice car so the interior does live up to the exterior


So this is the VIN number matching original engine they did rebuild it uh He says it’s putting out about 425 horsepower instead of the original 245 it’s got a healthier cam Aluminum Intake on top they kept it looking as stock as possible with the right dual snorkel air cleaner the right fuel line it’s a big dual feed Holley under there the

Distributor and the vacuum advance looks new down here it has the heat shields by the spark plugs the right manifolds reproduction hoses and clamps look at the firewall and the inner fenders how nicely they’re painted almost like a dark charcoal gray wow reproduction battery not just a fake

Topper I think that’s an actual battery um it is upgraded with an aluminum radiator it does have the Overflow bottle and the right shroud this was completely a part of all the components were painted does have power steering and power brakes squirters are hooked up cadmium plated booster But I’m saying the Hood’s painted it has to show quality car front to back top to bottom sounds nice I’m looking forward to driving this one and hear that lopi cam all right here we go

Undercarriage and Suspension

What this Camaro can do now this is a pretty sketchy Road it’s bumpy and narrow Anyway in a second shifts through the ears real nice so far I am looking at a set of factory gauges including the tachometer they all appear to be working except for the clock I turned that in the AM FM stereo it’s been rebuilt it actually plays really

Well I’m almost guessing they might have an amplifier it was just really full good sounding even on this bumpy road this car drives real nicely yeah so far no weird noises vibrations like that and it’s going to take a minute to pull out horn works blower does not work wipers Yeah it gets up and goes that was fun ride is very smooth yeah getting that is straight away now no hands on the wheel look at that no shakes They went downshifting’s just as fun as shifting so there you have it folks I said I would talk more about the paint I think I kind of skimmed over because there really wasn’t much to report it’s a beautiful shiny glossy paint job you’d have to be really critical to nitpick anything I told you about there’s an area like right up here where there’s

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Some little tiny little pimples uh but boy the paint is slick on this car now they took the body off the frame and all the components were removed the underside is so clean that they prepped it and painted it at the same gloss orange there’s no rust in these floors

And then when it went back together they rebuilt the steering and suspension uh it’s got sway bars front and back the fuel system was replaced including the tank check out the exhaust look at our pictures it’s a stainless exhaust polished like Chrome it has the x-pipe as the transverse sideways Muffler the

Brake system was redone brake lines fuel lines are replaced the e-brake cables were replaced it does have disc up front you look up at the motor it’s spotless the oil pan the starter all that looks brand new the Muncie 4 speed is also VIN number matched to this car it’s an M21

Also looks clean and all the linkage all that looks nice looks like a rebuilt drive shaft 10 bolt rear end has 373 posi gears so this is just a nice passage right here it would cost far more than we’re asking just to duplicate this restoration go to volocars.com


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