72 Chevel Convertible – A Restored Beauty

Look what we have here, a good time all wrapped in blue – a 72 Chevel convertible that is recently body off frame restored. With a 454 motor under the hood, bucket seats, and a console, this car is a showstopper.

Exterior Features

Upon inspection, the car’s body seems to be straight and free of any rust or damage. The blue fathom blue paint is laid out beautifully with no blotchy areas, and the black stripes are painted on smoothly. All the exterior features like the bumpers, headlight bezels, and racing hood pins are in pristine condition.

Interior Highlights

The inside of the car is just as impressive as the outside. The paintwork is impeccable, and the trunk compartment is clean and well-maintained. The door panels, armrests, window cranks, and the SS Dash with the tachometer and gauges all look new, with just 13 miles since the restoration.

Engine and Mechanical Details

Under the hood, a powerful 454 motor with a nice cam, Holly intake, and a dual-feed Holly carburetor powers this beauty. The mechanics have inspected the front end components, shocks, and the upgraded tubular upper and lower control arms. The car also features a turbo 400 automatic transmission and a 331 gear in the rear.

Final Impressions

Overall, this 72 Chevel convertible is a solid and impressive car with a few minor cosmetic issues, such as the driver’s seat being tipped back further than it should be. However, given its excellent condition and powerful engine, it’s a real gem for any car enthusiast.

So, if you’re interested in owning this beauty, head over to volocar’s website and check out the price tag and financing options. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel for more updates on their stunning collection of cars. Thank you for reading, and happy car hunting!

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