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Hi, my name is Jade Rams and my family has owned the Volo Auto Museum since 1960. We have a few hundred of the most exciting collector cars, and they’re all for sale in one location. I personally have hand-picked them from around the country. Welcome to my sales shop, come on, let’s go for a spin!

An Exceptional Find: The 1971 Roadrunner

We’ve got an exceptional car. You know, I’ve been doing this a long, long time, and every once in a while, there’s just that right car. This is it. This is a 58,000 mile, number matching, original sheet metal 71 Roadrunner. We’ve got the original invoice here, every option and color, everything the way you see it sitting, that’s the way this car was born.

Mechanical and Exterior Overview

It’s a 383 Magnum under the hood with a functional air Grabber system, a pistol grip four-speed sticking out of the hump, a Sure Grip rear end, and it came with the decor group, which includes all the striping, Rally wheels, tachometer, Light Group, racing mirrors, and more. The car has original invoice along with other documentation, such as the original Fender tag, that it comes with. The car is very original, maintained and restored as needed, with no spray canned underside, original rock solid floors, rockers, and frame rails.

Exterior Details

The body of the car is B5 blue, and all the original components are intact, such as the black hood patch and the air Grabber. The paint is laid out very evenly, with a few minor imperfections here and there, but overall in excellent condition. The exterior components such as the racing mirrors, bumpers, and trim are all in exceptional condition, with only minor imperfections like a few bubbles in the paint in certain spots.

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Interior and Engine Bay

Upon opening it up and seeing inside, the interior and engine bay just keep getting better. The interior is in excellent shape, with everything practically looking brand new. The engine bay houses the VIN number matching 383 Magnum motor, complete with all stock components, making it a highly desirable and authentic piece for any collector’s collection.

Final Thoughts

This car is highly desirable, exceptionally clean, and authentic. It has all the options and features a Mopar collector would appreciate. If you’d like to learn more about this car, visit to read all the information, look at all the pictures, and find a price tag on every one of our cars, along with a monthly finance option.

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