Understanding the Rarity of the 1971 Ford Torino 500

Today, we’ve got a rare find – a 1971 Ford Torino 500. What makes it special is the Mcode 351 motor with the Shaker Ram hood. Let’s dive into the details that make this car truly unique.

The Rarity of the Mcode 351 Motor

The Marty report we ordered has revealed that only 69 of these cars were ever made, and only 24 of them came in this specific color combination. This makes it a rare find, especially considering its clean Southern heritage.

Exploring the Exterior

Starting from the front, the hood and body of the car are in great condition. The metallic green color is laid out evenly with a clear coat finish. While the paint is better than average, it may need some tweaking in certain areas. The original trim, sport mirrors, and chrome grille highlight its originality. However, some freckling and wear can be spotted on the bumpers and rocker molding.

Interior and Trunk Details

Upon opening the car, you’ll find a clean, green-finished interior. The door jams and weather strips have been well-maintained, and the dash area and door panels are still in good shape. However, some detailing and restoration may be needed for areas like the carpet, center console, and headliner.

The Impressive Mcode 351 Engine

The VIN number match engine is the true highlight of this car. The Mcode 351 engine has garnered high praise for its performance. While the engine bay may not be detailed to show quality, it is still in respectable condition with all the original components intact.

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Driving Experience and Undercarriage

The ride in the 1971 Torino 500 is smooth and comfortable, with power brakes and functioning heat. It’s a numbers-matching car, and the unique shaker hood adds to its appeal. The undercarriage is in good shape, with solid floors and a well-maintained suspension and steering system.

Maintaining and Servicing the Car

The car has undergone a series of services, including rebuilding the carburetor, repairing vacuum leaks, setting the timing, and installing new components like the fuel pump and alternator. However, some areas such as the console, steering wheel, and glass pack mufflers may need attention in the future.

Bringing Home Your Own Classic

If you’re interested in this 1971 Ford Torino 500, head over to volocars.com to explore our complete inventory and connect with our sales team. Whether it’s financing or delivery options, we’re here to assist you in making this classic car your own.

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