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1970 GTO: A Look into its Fascinating History

If you’re a preservationist with a penchant for classic cars, then the 1970 GTO is sure to catch your eye. This particular GTO has an interesting history – originally bought by a woman in California, it comes with a complete documentation and even the registration cards. In 1986, it was sold to the editor of Muscle Cars Magazine, who went ahead and did a mild restoration on the car, covering it over two articles in two different issues of the magazine. As you read through the articles, you’ll learn that the car, despite its age, is completely rust-free with all the original components intact.

A Wealth of Documentation

If you’re someone who appreciates authenticity and history, you’ll be pleased to know that this 1970 GTO comes with a whole binder filled with documentation. From air conditioning to matching numbers, every aspect of this car has been meticulously maintained. To learn more about this remarkable vehicle, you can visit, where detailed information and photographs are available.

Lock in Your Dream Car

If the 1970 GTO has captured your heart, you can easily find the price and monthly payment options on There’s even a “Buy It Now” button, allowing you to secure the car before anyone else beats you to it. So, don’t hesitate – hit that button and make this dream car yours.

A Masterpiece of Preservation and Restoration

As you watch the video and read through the details, you’ll discover that this 1970 GTO boasts an extensive history and rare level of preservation. The car’s original metal, including fenders, doors, quarters, trunk, roof, and floors, has remained completely intact. It’s a truly outstanding vehicle painted in its original color, Palisade Green.

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Remarkable Preservation and Restoration

The 1986 paint job has stood the test of time, maintaining its beauty and appearance, with only some minor flaws that are hardly noticeable. The original vinyl top, although replaced, still looks like new. Both the rubber and window seals, while showing minor signs of aging, remain largely original.

Exceptional Interior and Engine

The interior of the 1970 GTO has been beautifully preserved. The seats, dashboard, and other components are in mint condition, with some minor replacements to maintain their original charm. Even the engine, a numbers-matching 400 with 350 horsepower, remains completely stock except for a few updates.

Impeccable Undercarriage

The undercarriage of the car is a testament to its preservation and restoration. The clean, dry California metal, coupled with a well-maintained suspension and brake system, makes this car a true gem for any classic car enthusiast.

A True Classic Worth Owning

If you’re someone who values authentic preservation and meticulous restoration, then the 1970 GTO is a car that will speak to you. With its impeccable history, rust-free original metal, well-preserved interior, and exceptional undercarriage, it is a true classic worth owning and cherishing.

Whether you’re a preservationist, a restoration enthusiast, or simply love classic cars, the 1970 GTO is a remarkable vehicle that encapsulates the beauty and allure of the golden era of muscle cars. Don’t miss your chance to make this exceptional piece of history your own. Visit and learn more about this stunning 1970 GTO. And, if you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay updated on new posts. Thank you for watching!

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