Unveiling the Icon: The 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

In the world of classic muscle cars, few names evoke as much reverence and nostalgia as the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302. Born in October 1969, this masterpiece has captured the hearts of enthusiasts for decades. If you’re ready to embark on a journey through time and horsepower, join us as we delve into the timeless allure of the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302.

A Piece of History

Purchased in 1990 by the current owner, this Boss 302 underwent a meticulous multi-year refurbishment that transformed it into the pristine classic it is today. The restoration encompassed every aspect of this automotive legend, from its powerhouse engine to its striking exterior.

Reviving the Heart: The 302ci V8

The beating heart of this iconic Mustang, the 302ci V8, has been given a new lease on life under the watchful eye of its owner. Rebuilt and balanced, it now roars with the vitality of its youth. Enhancements such as a K&N air filter, an MSD ignition system, a 7-quart oil pan, stainless steel headers, and a Comp Cams vacuum canister reservoir have been added to ensure that this Boss 302 is not just a showpiece but also a force to be reckoned with on the road.

Transmission Mastery

The Mustang’s performance is further amplified by its replacement four-speed manual transmission, sourced from a Mercury Cougar and equipped with close-ratio gears. This setup promises an exhilarating driving experience, with each shift of the gears translating to pure driving pleasure. The factory-installed Traction-Lok differential with 3.91:1 gearing was not left untouched either; it has been meticulously rebuilt to ensure that power is efficiently transferred to the rear wheels.

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Stunning in Yellow

Finished in its original factory yellow, this Boss 302 is a sight to behold. During the restoration process, every effort was made to return the car to its original splendor. Dents and imperfections that had accumulated over the years were painstakingly removed, resulting in a body that gleams with perfection.

The black Boss 302 “hockey-stick” side stripes and hood stripes are a testament to the era’s iconic design choices. Additional features such as the front spoiler, dual side mirrors, rear spoiler, rear window louvers, and dual exhaust outlets not only enhance the car’s aesthetics but also contribute to its performance.

Rolling in Style

The 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 rolls on chrome-accented Magnum 500 15″ wheels, wrapped in grippy 245/60 BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires. The combination of these wheels and tires not only adds a touch of nostalgia but also ensures exceptional road-holding capabilities.

Interior Elegance

Stepping inside this classic beauty, you’re greeted by a cabin that exudes elegance. The high-back bucket seats and rear bench are luxuriously upholstered in black vinyl, creating a captivating contrast to the vibrant exterior.

The attention to detail extends to the color-coordinated dashboard, door panels, and carpets. It’s evident that no expense was spared in returning the interior to its former glory. A Hurst T-handle shifter, Mustang-branded floor mats, Classic Auto Air climate control, a RetroSound stereo, and Hertz speakers complete the ensemble, offering modern conveniences without compromising the car’s vintage charm.

Instruments of Power

Behind the wheel, you’ll find a dashboard that’s as functional as it is stylish. The steering wheel frames a 120-mph speedometer, an 8k-rpm tachometer, and gauges for coolant temperature and fuel level. Additionally, AutoMeter gauges for oil pressure and water temperature are mounted on the A-pillar, providing the driver with essential performance data.

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It’s worth noting that the five-digit odometer shows just 1k miles, with approximately 3k miles added under the current owner’s care. The total mileage, however, remains unknown—a testament to the car’s limited use and pristine condition.

Owning a Piece of Legend

This immaculate 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 comes complete with a build sheet, owner’s manual, Marti report, and a clean Oregon title in the seller’s name.

As a classic muscle car, it not only embodies the spirit of an era but also represents an investment in a piece of automotive history. With its remarkable restoration and unparalleled performance, this Boss 302 is ready to take its place in the spotlight once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 special?

The 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is special for its unique combination of striking design, powerful 302ci V8 engine, and exceptional handling. It’s an icon of American muscle car history.

2. How was the restoration of this Boss 302 carried out?

The restoration of this Boss 302 was a multi-year project that included rebuilding the 302ci V8, refurbishing the interior, and repainting the body. Attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity were paramount.

3. What are some notable features of this Boss 302?

This Boss 302 boasts features like the “hockey-stick” side stripes, front spoiler, rear spoiler, and rear window louvers, which were iconic design elements of the era. It also has a powerful aftermarket sound system and modern climate control.

4. Is this car suitable for daily driving?

While it can be driven on the road, many enthusiasts prefer to preserve classic cars like the Boss 302 for special occasions and collector purposes due to their historical value.

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5. What sets this Boss 302 apart from other classic Mustangs?

The Boss 302 is renowned for its race-inspired performance and design elements, making it a standout among classic Mustangs. Its limited production and association with the Trans-Am Series also contribute to its uniqueness.