Are you in the market for an extremely rare and incredibly nice car? Look no further than the 1970 Dodge Coronet 500. With a 383 Magnum engine and a four-speed manual transmission, this car is truly a gem. Let’s dive into the details of this highly sought-after vehicle.

First and foremost, it’s important to note just how rare this car is. With only 55 of them ever produced with the 383 Magnum 4-speed combination, it’s truly a collector’s dream. The condition of this particular Coronet 500 has been meticulously maintained through a rotisserie restoration, ensuring that it looks, feels, and functions like a new car.

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The attention to detail on this car is truly impressive. It comes with a numbers-matching motor, a build sheet, and the original Fender tag to document its authenticity. The restoration process was completed with minimal body work and the use of mostly original metal, giving it that pristine appearance that you’re looking for in a classic car.

When it comes to the exterior, the burnt orange poly paint is stunning, with a metal flake finish that’s laid out evenly. The clear coat is smooth and glossy, giving the entire car a polished look. The body is in excellent shape, with minimal flaws and original chrome and trim that have been meticulously restored.

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Moving to the inside, the attention to detail continues. The trunk is beautifully painted and detailed, with matching radial Redline Tires and a Jack assembly. The interior is equally impressive, with beautifully restored door panels, dash, and instrument panel that give the entire cabin a showroom-worthy look.

Under the hood, you’ll find the original 383 Magnum engine, with all of the components meticulously restored to their original condition. The VIN number matches, and the engine compartment is as clean as the exterior. This car truly embodies the term “showroom ready.”

Now, let’s talk about the undercarriage. This car underwent a rotisserie restoration, with all components rebuilt, and the floors and frame rails are in excellent condition. The fuel and brake systems were completely replaced and upgraded, with a custom e-brake assembly and a high-quality Flowmaster exhaust.

In summary, the 1970 Dodge Coronet 500 is a true collector’s car. With its rare combination of features, meticulous restoration, and showroom quality appearance, it’s a car that is truly one of a kind. If you’re in the market for a vehicle that offers both rarity and quality, look no further than this stunning Coronet 500.