1970 Challenger Ta: A True Collectible

If you’re a true car enthusiast, the 1970 Challenger Ta is a must-see. This high performance 346 pack Challenger Ta is one of the rare few, with only 900 and something made, making it a highly coveted collector’s item. This particular model comes with a pistol grip four-speed 391 Sure Grip rear end, and is heavily documented, making it one of the best survivors in the market.

Documentation and Originality

With features such as window stickers, build sheets, trim tags, and original interior, this Challenger Ta is a heavily documented survivor. It has been repainted only once, and retains much of its original features, including the interior, hood, vinyl top, and glass. This level of originality is hard to come by, making this car a true gem for collectors.

Exterior Features

The exterior of this Challenger Ta is a sight to behold. With original paint in Top Banana yellow, the car has been repainted once, and features original bumpers, side exhaust, racing mirrors, and pop-up gas cap. The originality is evident in every detail, making it a highly desirable survivor.

Interior and Engine

Inside, the originality continues with features such as rally gauges, eight-track stereo, original seat belts, and vinyl and cloth upholstery. The 340 sixpack engine is a standout feature, with original intake, three two-barrel Holly carbs, and a functional ram air system. The engine bay is in excellent condition, retaining much of its original parts.

Driving Experience

As for the driving experience, this Challenger Ta lives up to its reputation. With a smooth clutch, tight suspension, and responsive steering, it offers a thrilling ride for car enthusiasts. The originality of the car is also evident underneath, with clean floors, frame rails, and steering and suspension components.

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In conclusion, the 1970 Challenger Ta is a true collector’s dream. With its exceptional originality, documentation, and driving experience, it is a standout survivor that will be cherished by any car enthusiast. For more information on this car and other collector’s items, visit volocars.com to explore our complete inventory of over 200 of the nicest cars for sale.