When it comes to classic muscle cars, the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is an undeniable icon of the era. This particular example we’re about to explore is absolutely real, meticulously documented by GM of Canada, and boasts a numbers-matching pedigree. Prepare to be enthralled as we delve into the details of this stunning vehicle that has undergone a frame-off restoration.

A True SS 396 with a Pedigree

This 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is not your average classic muscle car. It is an authentic SS 396, born with a 4-speed transmission, cowl induction, bucket seats, and gauges. What sets it apart is its unique Canadian heritage. GM of Canada has verified the car’s authenticity through a notarized letter, affirming that this beauty was born exactly as you see it today. Furthermore, it comes with the all-important protect-o-plate, reinforcing its originality and pedigree. The numbers-matching motor completes the package, ensuring that this Chevelle is an absolute gem for muscle car enthusiasts.

Exterior Excellence

The Chevelle’s exterior is a sight to behold, with its clean lines and captivating Autumn Gold color. The body, although almost pristine, has only one small bubble, located discreetly on the bottom of the passenger door. Notably, the driver’s quarter panel is original, while the passenger’s was replaced at factory seams. The iconic cowl induction hood with a flapper door and hood pins adds to its allure.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

The paint job is a work of art, boasting a smooth, glossy clear coat. The stripes are expertly painted and feel smooth to the touch. In the front, you’ll find replaced bumpers, emblems, grill, headlight bezels, and lenses. This Chevelle is equipped with four correct T-3 headlights. The stainless moldings around the windows, wheel wells, and rain gutters have been thoughtfully replaced, along with new emblems, door handles, and mirrors. While the back bumper may show some wear, it still maintains its straight and shiny appearance. A new windshield, fresh door jambs, and clean bottom edges of the doors make for a polished look. The addition of new window seals, weather strips, and sill plates demonstrates the dedication to detail. To complete the exterior package, the Chevelle sits on SS wheels and brand-new BFG tires.

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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Interior Elegance

Inside the cabin, the 1970 Chevelle continues to impress. The factory gauges and tachometer are in excellent condition, with no modifications or damage. The new steering wheel is a subtle touch that adds to the overall appeal. The bucket seats have been recushioned and upholstered, and the rear seat boasts fresh upholstery. The factory center console features a new Hurst shifter, and the carpet and sill plates have been replaced. The door panels remain in fantastic shape, and the headliner has been updated. All interior lights are in working order, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Power and Performance

Under the hood lies the original, numbers-matching 396-350 horsepower motor. The casting codes and dates align perfectly with the protect-o-plate, confirming its authenticity. This Chevelle has been upgraded to 375 horsepower with enhancements like a hotter cam, Edelbrock aluminum high-rise intake, dual-feed FST carburetor, headers, and HEI ignition. The cowl induction air cleaner assembly not only looks great but adds to the vehicle’s performance.

Power steering and power brakes make driving this muscle car a breeze. The engine bay features new cadmium-plated boosters and a new master cylinder, with functioning squirters. GM radiator hoses, a new shroud, and a clutch fan all contribute to optimal engine cooling. This Chevelle impressively maintains 60 pounds of oil pressure at idle, a testament to its power and performance.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Trunk and Undercarriage Excellence

The trunk of this Chevelle is rock solid, with a clean floor. The trunk lid and jamb are painted to perfection, with new weatherstripping, stickers, and seat insulation enhancing its authenticity.

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The frame-off restoration extends to the undercarriage, where you’ll find clean, uncut metal that has been prepped and painted in semi-gloss black. The front end appears to have undergone a complete rebuild, with replaced bushings, steering components, and shocks. This Chevelle came with the F-41 suspension, which includes front and rear sway bars and boxed control arms, adding to its performance and handling.

The fuel system looks brand new, including the tank, straps, and sending unit. Custom dual exhaust with an X-pipe and Flowmaster mufflers provides a sweet exhaust note. Disc brakes in the front maintain their new appearance, with stainless braided hoses, new brake lines, and a fully functional e-brake assembly. Gazing up at the engine, you’ll notice fresh Chevy orange paint, and the correct starter looks immaculate. The Muncie 4-speed transmission is equally fresh, and a 12-bolt rear end completes the package.

In conclusion, this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is not just a classic muscle car; it’s a living piece of automotive history. With its impeccable authenticity, numbers-matching motor, and meticulous restoration, it stands as a testament to the golden era of muscle cars. This stunning example is a collector’s dream, combining iconic design, performance, and pedigree in one awe-inspiring package.