1969 GTX 440 Trackpad Car

Now we’re talking! We have a 1969 GTX 440 trackpad car. It means it’s a four-speed with a 354 Dana rear end. You know what I like best about the car? It’s a factory Scorch red with a pewter interior. Silver seats. It looks amazing, this car presents itself very well.

Documentation and History

We have a folder thick with documentation for the restoration and the owner history. This car was a one owner till 1973, actually got repossessed, and then the second owner bought it in 1979. He parked it in his mother’s garage and that’s where it sat till 2001. It has 59,000 original miles on it and it’s restored very nicely.

Prestigious Muscle Car Collection

I acquired it from a very prestigious muscle car collection and he has half million dollar cars in his collection. That’s where I acquired this one.

Underneath and Body

The underneath of the car is very nice, all the floors, frame rails, and rockers are clean metal with a light undercoat. The front end looks like it’s been gleamed through and a lot of the components look like they’ve been replaced. It has new shocks all the way around and a nice sounding dual exhaust with flow Pro Mufflers. The drum brakes all the way around have been gone through and the e-brake cables are hooked up. The engine and four-speed transmission are numbers matching and the back is a Dana 60 rear end. The body of the car is in excellent shape with all the gaps precisely fitted and all lines up nicely with no rust.

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Interior and Engine Compartment

The interior of the car is just as good, with mint door panels, a wood grain trimmed dash, and a factory tachometer. The Buddy cushion bucket seats are in pewter and the rear shelf looks like new. The engine compartment contains the original Super Commando 440 motor, all stock and properly maintained.

Trunk and Exterior Details

The trunk compartment is all painted red with a new mat and even a tire that’s never been used. The car has been repainted in its factory Scorch red color, although there are a few flaws in the paint, it has a beautiful finish. The car is further adorned with show-quality Chrome on the bumpers and Magnum 500 chrome wheels with reproduction tires.


This is an opportunity that’s not going to come around often. This particular car with these colors, these options, and very well-documented, good owner history, is a rare find. Visit volocars.com for more information, including delivery and financing options. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on that Bell icon for more exclusive content. Thanks for watching!