Serious Corvette Collectors: The Ultimate Guide to the Unrestored Survivor 427 Tri-Power Corvette

If you’re a serious Corvette collector, you’re always on the lookout for that one-of-a-kind, original, untouched gem. Well, look no further, because we’ve got just the car for you. This completely unrestored original Survivor is a number match certified 427 Tri-Power with 400 horsepower, a four-speed transmission, and a 3.36 positraction rear end. And let’s not forget the transistorized ignition, original white convertible top, and original hardtop. This car is the real deal, folks.

If there’s one place to find the best collector cars for sale, it’s You can browse through 200 of the finest collector cars available, each with a price tag and monthly finance payment options. But for now, let’s take a closer look at this incredible original Survivor.

History of the Car
This car has a rich history, with a 1974 parking permit sticker still intact on the original windshield. It’s been owned by some serious Corvette enthusiasts who only collected legitimate, genuine cars. Recently, it was acquired from the Georgia Mountain collection, a collector known for his discerning taste in cars.

With a real Corvette enthusiast in mind, this car is a prime candidate for Bloomington gold Survivor judging and could even qualify for a benchmark award. While it has been sitting more than it’s been driven, a service investment of $6,000 has been made to ensure that it runs and drives exceptionally well. The point of this car is for a real Corvette enthusiast who can appreciate its originality.

Exterior: Body and Paint
The body of the car is in remarkable shape. There are no signs of damage, and the original blue paint, while showing patina and wear, is still intact. Some touch-ups and scratches are to be expected given its age, but it’s evident that the body has been well-preserved.

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The original chrome is still present and the rear bumpers are in beautiful condition. The white convertible top, while showing signs of age, is still in good shape. Original rubber parts have some cracks but are generally intact. The paint has some crows feet checking and cracked rear window on the top, which is expected for a car of this vintage.

Interior: Originality at its Finest
Inside the car, the originality of the Survivor is evident. The door jams, weather strips, and door panels are all original. The dash area is clean and shows minimal signs of wear, given its age. The car features an original AM/FM stereo and all the knobs and buttons are in great shape. While there are some signs of discoloration and wear on the carpet, the interior is a true representation of a genuine Survivor.

The 427 Tri-Power Engine
When it comes to the engine, authenticity is key. The original 427 400 horsepower Tri-Power engine is a sight to behold. Certified by Al Grenning, it’s verified as the original motor that came with the car. The engine compartment features the original air cleaner, ignition shielding, valve covers, and even the smog pump. With all the original components still intact, this engine compartment is as authentic as it gets.

Driving Experience: Ready to Hit the Road
After a service investment of over $6,100, this Corvette is ready to hit the road. From brake calipers to heater core to an alignment, every component has been thoroughly looked over and serviced. The original 336 positraction rear end and four-speed manual transmission ensure a true driving experience in this original Survivor.

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Underneath: Original and Untouched
The underside of the car is as immaculate as the rest of it. No spray painting has been done underneath, and even the oil pan remains original. Every component, from the fiberglass to the frame to the tire carrier, is still in its original state, showcasing the car’s true Survivor status.

Bringing it All Together
If you’re ready to make this incredible original Survivor your own, visit to connect with a salesperson who can answer all your questions. Whether you’re looking for delivery options or financing, their team can assist you. And if you can’t get enough of collector cars, don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos.

In conclusion, this 427 Tri-Power Corvette is a dream come true for any serious collector. With its unmatched originality and impeccable Survivor status, it’s a piece of automotive history that’s ready for its next chapter. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece of Corvette history.