h2: Rare 1968 Pontiac Parisian – A Canadian-Built Rarity
h3: What Makes the 1968 Pontiac Parisian Unique
h3: The Under the Hood Power of the Pontiac Parisian
h3: The History and Documentation of the Pontiac Parisian
h3: The Mechanical Upgrades on the Pontiac Parisian
h3: The Exterior and Body Condition of the Pontiac Parisian
h3: Exploring the Interior of the Pontiac Parisian
h3: The Engine Compartment of the Pontiac Parisian
h3: The Rarity and Legitimacy of the Pontiac Parisian

The 1968 Pontiac Parisian is a rare find, especially considering it is one of three ever made. This Canadian-built Pontiac stands out due to its unique combination of Pontiac body parts and a Chevy driveline. The 1968 Pontiac Parisian is a 427, 385 horsepower beauty under the hood, complete with a four-speed and a posi. The factory triple black color, matching numbers, and documentation by GM of Canada make it an indisputable rare gem.

When exploring the exterior and body condition of the Pontiac Parisian, it’s clear that attention to detail and quality is apparent. The long, sleek body of the car is straight, free from any issues, and the factory black paint has been redone to a smooth and glossy finish. Even the chrome trim, emblems, and glass are in excellent shape, giving the car a stunning overall appearance.

Moving on to the interior of the Pontiac Parisian, the attention to detail and authenticity continues. The car’s trunk is spacious, well-maintained, and comes with restored accessories such as the Jack and matching tire covers. Inside the car, the two plus two interior boasts original seat belts, upholstery in great condition, and a clean, well-preserved dashboard. The engine compartment of the Pontiac Parisian is equally impressive. The 427 motor is all stock, with clean, smooth metal and reproduction clamps, creating a well-sorted and authentic engine compartment.

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In terms of its rarity and legitimacy, the 1968 Pontiac Parisian is a truly exceptional collector’s car. With only three ever made and two still in existence, this Pontiac is considered a holy grail in the collector car world. The level of detail and care that has gone into preserving this car is evident in every aspect. The car’s documentation, including its history and originality, adds to its legitimacy and rarity as a unique piece of automotive history.

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