If you’re in the market for a classic collector car, then you’re in luck because we just acquired a stunning 1968 GTO convertible. This car has quite the history, as it was actually sold by us in 1985 and has since been upgraded with a range of performance improvements. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the stunning features of this GTO and discuss why it’s a great investment for any classic car enthusiast.

Body and Exterior Features

Let’s start with the exterior of the car, which is an eye-catching combination of metallic flake paint and sleek design. The GTO features a Dual SC scooped GTO hood that lines up perfectly with the body of the car. The hood fits great, the rubber bumper is in excellent condition, and the overall body is clean, straight, and free from any damage or rust. The original color of the car was Vero green, but the current owner has tweaked it with a golden metallic flake that gives it a stunning finish that glistens in the light.

The GTO also features a Hideaway light, which is a must-have for any 68 or 69 GTO, and the bumper, nose, and arrowhead marker lights all look fresh and new. The convertible top is a tan color and looks to be in excellent condition. Overall, the exterior of the GTO is in great shape, with only a few minor chips and imperfections that can easily be addressed.

Interior and Trunk Space

Moving onto the interior, the GTO boasts a clean and refreshed cabin that’s ready for the road. The trunk is neatly spatter painted with a new weather strip and a BF Goodrich tire on the original style rally wheel. The door jams and weather strips look fresh, and the door panels, armrests, and gauges are all in excellent condition. The original dual-gate shifter, center console, bucket seats, and upholstery all look to be well-maintained and in great shape.

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Under the Hood

Under the hood, the GTO is powered by a rebuilt 400 engine with a Hoer cam that provides plenty of horsepower. It features a high-rise Edel Brock intake with a dual-feed Holly carburetor, an HII ignition system, and a set of Headman headers. The engine bay is clean and well-maintained, showing off a glossy finish and a range of performance upgrades that make this GTO a true powerhouse on the road.

Performance and Driving Experience

Now for the fun part – taking the GTO out for a spin. This 1968 GTO convertible is equipped with a 700R4 transmission, offering the best of both worlds with its overdrive capability and 3.90 rear gears that provide a thrilling driving experience. The adjustable suspension, big tubular control arms, fatter sway bar, and custom solid square tube control arms all contribute to a smooth and enjoyable ride, making the GTO a pleasure to drive on the road.

Final Thoughts and Inspection Details

Overall, the 1968 GTO convertible is a stunning classic car that has been well-maintained and upgraded to offer a fantastic driving experience. Every car at Volocars goes through a thorough inspection, and this GTO has undergone several enhancements in our shop, including the installation of a new aluminum radiator, adjustments to the driver’s seat, and new speedometer gear to ensure its performance and reliability.

In conclusion, the 1968 GTO convertible is a fantastic investment for any classic car enthusiast. Its timeless design, powerful performance, and carefully upgraded features make it a standout choice for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Visit Volocars.com today to learn more about this stunning GTO and explore our wide selection of collector cars for sale. With over 200 cars available, you’re sure to find the perfect classic car for your collection. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell icon to stay updated on our latest acquisitions and driving experiences. Thank you for watching, and we hope to see you soon at Volocars!

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