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1967 GTO Pontiac: A Historical Documentation

Let’s take a closer look at the 1967 GTO Pontiac, a stunning four-speed car with a 400 ho motor and 355 py in the back. With over 300 pictures of the body off frame rotisserie restoration, this car is as good as new.

Documentation and Restoration

The car boasts historical documentation and receipts from ASEs, the GTO parts specialist. Over 300 pictures of the restoration can be found on our website,, along with pricing and finance options. The car was finished about a month and a half ago, making it exceptionally fresh and detailed. Our shop has gone through and serviced the car to ensure its quality.

Exterior Condition

The car is laser beam straight, with no squeaks or rattles. The paint is smooth, glossy, and highly polished, with no bubbles or imperfections. All glass, moldings, and trims are new, and the wheels and tires give the car a beautiful stance.

Interior Quality

The trunk compartment is neatly painted and clean, with new mats and a spare tire. The interior features new door panels, a restored dashboard with rally gauges, and new upholstery. The car has gone through extensive restoration to ensure its exceptional quality.

Engine Compartment and Performance

The car is equipped with a period-correct 400 motor and a 355 posy. The motor compartment is pristine and looks like new, with every component restored or replaced. The car has been tested and proven to drive straight and smoothly, with all functions working as expected.

Chassis and Undercarriage

The chassis and frame have been restored and painted, with all steering and suspension components rebuilt or upgraded. The brake system has been replaced with disc brakes at all four wheels, and the fuel system has been entirely replaced. The entire undercarriage of the car is as good as new, ensuring exceptional performance and safety.

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The 1967 GTO Pontiac is an exceptional car that has gone through extensive restoration to ensure its quality and performance. Its historical documentation and meticulous restoration process make it a rare find. Visit to learn more about this car and explore pricing and financing options.

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