Unleash the Legend: 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 Restomod

A Revered Classic Muscle Car Revitalized in Tribute to Carroll Shelby

In the annals of automotive history, 1967 stands as the year that ignited the true Muscle Car era, birthing legends like the Ford Mustang 428 GT500. This iconic steed burst forth from the hands of the visionary Carroll Shelby, embracing raw power and timeless design. In our exploration of the 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 Restomod, we delve into its heritage, engineering prowess, and the remarkable transformation that marries its heritage with contemporary performance. Let’s take the wheel and traverse through the evolution of an American automotive icon.

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

The Birth of a Titan: Shelby GT500 Roars to Life

As the sun set on the 1960s, Carroll Shelby unveiled the masterpiece that is the Shelby GT500, introducing a new chapter in the Mustang lineage. The heart of this beast was the FE Series engine, a Big Block 428 cubic inches of American muscle generating a resounding 355 horsepower and an earth-shaking 420 foot-pounds of torque. Anchored by dual Holley 600 CFM carburetors and a mid-rise aluminum intake, this powerhouse offered a choice between a four-speed manual or a three-speed automatic transmission.

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

A Journey Back in Time: Restoration of a Classic Icon

Rooted in the original 1967 Ford Mustang C-Code Fastback, this marvel of engineering embarked on a transformative odyssey that retained its original identity while embracing the Shelby GT500’s spirit. A long-lost build sheet, found beneath the dashboard, echoed its historical significance. Formerly swathed in Wimbledon White, this pony was destined to gallop again. The metamorphosis began, weaving styling and performance into an inseparable tapestry.

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1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

Exterior Elegance: A Homage to History

Behold the exterior, an exquisite emulation of its predecessor. Every detail has been meticulously recreated, from the iconic Shelby Stripes to the functional GT500 Fiberglass Hood. The familiar inboard lights grace the center, complemented by the bespoke Shelby VN427 wheels, their brushed finish topped with a subtle tinted clear overlay. The Shelby GT500 Fiberglass Trunk and the distinctive Shelby Styled Gas Cap evoke a sense of heritage, preserving the essence of the original.

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

Radiating Power: Heart and Soul Beneath the Hood

Beneath the hood resides a period-accurate Ford 428 FE Big Block engine, perfectly mated to a 4-speed manual Toploader transmission. The engine bay, untouched in its factory glory, showcases the authenticity of the build. A finned Aluminum Cobra Air induction system, crowned by twin Holley Carburetors, captures the era’s essence. The Aluminum Accessories cascade through the engine, down to the LeMans Valve Covers, Edelbrock Water Pump, and the Cobra Finned Oil Pan. An elegant fusion of power and precision, this masterpiece integrates optional power brakes and a RedTop Optima Battery, ushering it into the modern era.

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

Time Capsule Interior: Where Elegance Meets Heritage

Step inside, and history envelops you. Adorned in Black Vinyl, the seats have been meticulously reupholstered, preserving the classic vibe. Rear Shelby lap belts coexist with front Shelby lap belts and Shoulder Harnesses, anchored to a 4-Point Padded Roll Bar—a living testament to the bygone era’s safety innovations. The black vinyl dash remains free of cracks, and the Shelby 3-spoke steering wheel frames the factory 140 MPH and 8000RPM gauges. Additional Center Dash Optional Gauges grace the ensemble, while the upgraded factory-style radio and kick-panel speakers usher in modernity. Enveloping your feet are the GT500 Floor Mats, guiding your gaze towards the 4-Speed Hurst Shift Knob, its white selector an emblem of authenticity.

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1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

The Soul of the Road: Performance and Precision Underneath

The underbody, a testament to meticulous restoration, harks back to the factory-correct colors. Stripped down to bare metal, every detail was reimagined. Unaltered factory seams underscore its integrity, embodying its unadulterated heritage. The upgraded Bilstein shocks elevate the ride’s comfort, absorbing the undulations of the road. The rejuvenated independent front suspension, equipped with new bushings and bearings, orchestrates a harmonious ride. Guided by the front sway bar, the ride remains steadfast, the front disc brakes commanding authority. At the core lies the Factory Ford 9” rear end, partnering with a 4-Pack Sports competition leaf spring, channeling the power to the pavement. Long tube headers serenade the road with the distinct voice of its well-known motor, culminating in a true dual exhaust. Twin MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Chrome Tipped exhaust pipes, seamlessly aligned with the rear bumper, deliver an aural symphony.

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

1967 ford mustang 428ci gt500 fastback restomod

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What engine powers the 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 Restomod? The Mustang 428 GT500 Restomod is equipped with a period-correct Ford 428 FE Big Block engine, a masterpiece of power and performance.

2. How does the interior retain its classic charm while embracing modernity? The interior boasts reupholstered Black Vinyl seats, classic gauges, and a Shelby 3-spoke steering wheel. Upgrades include modern lap belts and a factory-style radio with kick-panel speakers.

3. What sets the exterior of this Restomod apart from the original? The exterior pays homage to its origins, sporting Shelby Stripes, a Functional GT500 Fiberglass Hood, and iconic features like the inboard lights and Shelby Styled Gas Cap.

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4. How does the underbody restoration enhance the driving experience? The underbody’s meticulous restoration, paired with upgraded Bilstein shocks, independent front suspension, and power-enhancing components, guarantees a smooth and controlled ride.

5. How does the Mustang 428 GT500 Restomod embody the legacy of Carroll Shelby? By preserving its heritage while embracing modern engineering, this Restomod captures the essence of the original GT500, a tribute to Carroll Shelby’s visionary spirit.

Concluding Thoughts: A Tribute that Transcends Time

In the realm of classic muscle cars, the 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 Restomod stands as an embodiment of heritage, power, and innovation. From its inception in the fiery mind of Carroll Shelby to its revitalization as a modern masterpiece, this vehicle transcends eras. With a heart that beats with the power of a roaring 428 FE Big Block and an exterior that pays homage to its roots, it’s a symphony of classic charm and contemporary performance. A nod to history, an ode to power—this is the embodiment of a legend reborn.