This Camaro is a little different it’s what we call asleep or very subtle colors the poverty hub caps and under the hood is a 396 and there’s a fourspeed sitting between the bucket seats right there this is a body off frame restoration and you’ll never guess where this car was sold brand new

Roswell New Mexico this might might have aliens living in it right now why don’t you join me and let’s go for a spin you can go to that’s where you find a price tag on every car including a monthly Finance option as well clean straight everything up here

Looks really nice lines up good fits nice square body is clean no dense damage no bubbles all real nice clean all nice straight clean metal car was built in Los Angeles sold new in New Mexico me I worked its way over to Georgia so it’s always been a clean

Southern car quarter panel looks great all this is clean has a rear spoiler it’s all nice clean I mean really straight sail panels have no issues all nice all the way down to the bottom right around the edge here the trim all nice clean straight that’s one of those that’s

Going to shut real easily smooth straight body is excellent as the SS hood it is a real SS now in 1967 the trim tag gives us a lot of information it tells us the colors inside and out it was born like you see

It it also tells us it was born a 396 it was born a fourspeed uh in 68 they didn’t have any of those codes on there except for the colors so this is a genuine SS big black four-speed car pretty darn rare in ‘ 67 repainted its original color Capri

Cream uh and it’s got a smooth glossy finish if you’re like a a real anal Crazy Paint guy you’ll find a little dust nibs or here’s a little touchup right here little little texture imperfections but really the paint is very slick has the SS stripe painted on

Around the nose it’s polished smooth and glossy oh that wiped off so yeah minor imperfections if you go looking for them but really overall there’s nothing to speak of has a spoiler in front and in back windshield looks new the windshield molding is excellent I take it back

About the windshield there’s some really light surface specks on there door handle looks real nice rear window real nice original it’s got a couple light scratches rear bumper tail lights all that’s beautiful has the blacked out big block uh panel SS gas cap all that looks beautiful and as I was saying earlier

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They call them the dog dish caps poverty caps so the rims are 15 in they’re painted to match the car the Caps look new and it has BF Goodrich radial Redline tires the windows roll up and down so nice I actually I reached in and I was

Rolling down the other side and I I thought it was broke it was spinning so easy I thought it was broke and actually it was working and then I looked at our service ticket they did re adjust and lube and actually replace some parts on

The window so they roll up in a real nice bow TI mirror looks new the vent window frames beautiful up here the bumper Grill all that’s in real nice shape even has correct T3 headlights in there here’s little imperfection on the chrome bumper so now that we’ve seen the

Outside let’s open it up and see what we have inside so what do you think we’re going to find in here I bet you it’s a nice clean trunk compartment painted real smooth glossy has the sticker has a wire running up to a trunk light here Jam is painted nicely weather

Stripp is replaced inside is all clean metal with a nice spatter finish has the mat has a complete Jack assembly but no spare TIR so that’s something you’ll have to find for it subscribe to our YouTube channel click on the Bell icon you’ll be notified as the new videos are

Posted door jams are nice and clean painted real neatly weather strips replaced seal plates look real good it’s a factory gold interior car door panels armrest window cranks all that looks real nice the dash area is clean and tidy it’s not broken or beat up or drilled dash pad looks

New does have the factory optional tachometer nice clean bezels and trim and heater control panel AM radio which I don’t think works have the optional gauges they do work including the clock and as having trouble opening this earlier so it’s opening the pictures on our website we’ll have to check that out

Kick panels nice carpets are real nice reproduction floor mats Center console’s real nice and I want to point out it has the M shifter the flat bar shifter that’s original um they lot of guys switch them out to a heurst all very nice gold original seat belts the upholstery has been

Redone same thing in back real nice carpet reproduction mats the light works at the back of the console you got oh we got a broken seat Bel right here didn’t realize that upholster is real nice side panels rear shelf all that’s in great shape Headliners looking real good dome light

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Works visors are looking good original mirror the the mirror is a little bit clouded nice original steering wheel overall very clean and and tidy interior Factory gauges console and a four speed motor compartments detailed up real nicely it is a correct motor the correct dates and codes and casting it’s a 396

325 horsepower all stock manifolds uh stock carburetor and choke the air cleaner even has a GM hose right here distributor all looks stock even has reproduction uh dated 196 67 spark plug wires correct valve covers exhaust manifolds all the firewalls clean GM hoses and clamps we have a Delo battery topper

With the spring clamp battery cables radiator shroud poliy fan all that looks like new does have power steering down there it also has power brakes steering box is all detailed so is the suspension and then the tag on the firewall gives a lot more information than they do in 68 or

69 squirters are not hooked up I noticed the bottles missing here so that shouldn’t be difficult they sell their bottles they cheap so there you have a nice detailed clean engine apartment correct big block power steering power brakes now to today I’m going to take you for a test drive

And then uh we’ll wrap it up back here in the studio you know I’m expecting great things from this car I’ll see if she delivers it just feels right so far right run smooth test driven four cars today all of them were manual shift I love it Factory gauges appear to be

Working wow even the clock is moving temperature gauge is coming up a little like it should oil pressure is good that’s the Muny shifter the original correct shifter you have to be conscious of where the gears are and if you are and when you’re used to it it

Shifts no problem but the hearse shifter was improved uh you know it goes into gear a little easier but again this is fine I have no problem with it all right we’re going to get out on Route 12 and see what it’ll do oh I supposed to stop there wasn’t

It wait that even a hiccup Not a Cough clutch is smooth shifts nice no shakes or vibration I mean the car is driving nice and straight the steering wheels a little bit off but uh they we’ll get it in for an alignment and take care of that but the car drives straight and

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Smooth yeah feels nice well it did deliver just like I thought it would well back to the studio we’ll wrap this one up and then it’s back to my desk where I get to sit and do boring office work we’ll see you in a Minute all right so underneath this car it’s also exceptionally clean looks like it was completely restored body was off the frame steering suspension all that was redone and I don’t know if you know this but in ‘ 67 only they had a traction bar over on that side a single Square

Traction bar they started off off round and after a certain date they went Square this is square and it lines up with the date so it is correct and that was only on the high performance Camaro so this one has it just further uh you know information leading

Us to believe that this is a legit Real Deal car this also has the uh chambered exhaust system it’s like a crimped pipe dual exhaust system that was a performance option from Chevrolet this had it brakes are all redone the lines the cables all that’s in real nice shape

A fuel system was replaced when it was restored uh you look up at the motor nice clean Chevy orange nice clean starter has the correct Muny M20 four-speed trans it’s dated to this car drive shaft is rebuilt in back it has the 12 bolt rear end um I think this was

373 gears uh no actually I don’t know what gears are in there I drove the car and it feels like a 355 373 um so yeah 12volt rear end super nice dry clean metal all painted nicely so front to back top to bottom this car

Is a an 8 plus um excellent car go to the salesman can help answer whatever questions you still have including how you get this delivered how you get it financed you enjoyed the video video subscribe click the Bell icon thanks for watching

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