The Gorgeous 67 Camaro Rally Sport

This car just melted my heart when I seen it. I’m a sucker for this blue has white interior. It’s just a gorgeous 67 Camaro Rally Sport, a built 350 pzy rear end frame off restored 832 miles ago.

Negotiating for the Dream Car

I was at a car show out of state and negotiated for two days to buy this car. The quality and colors of this car are killer. You can find more information and look at pictures top to bottom at That’s where you’ll find a price tag on every car they have for sale, along with the monthly finance options.

The Exterior of the Camaro Rally Sport

The body of the car is beautiful with a C of hood and spoilers. The roof is straight and clean, with no issues. The paint is a deep water blue, the original color of the car, and it’s absolutely flawless, with no flaws visible. It’s polished like glass, and even the glass itself is new, smoked glass, not a stick-on tint. All the Chrome, fuzzy window strips, rubber seals, and stainless moldings look like they’ve been replaced. The car is sitting on Rally wheels, with a wider rear stance, giving it a unique and attractive appearance. The Rally Sport also includes rocker moldings along the bottom and relocated reverse lights.

The Interior and Engine Bay

The trunk is painted beautifully, with all components in clean and complete condition. The interior of the car is in great shape, with new door panels, armrests, window cranks, and metal trim. The motor is a 350 with 360 horsepower, equipped with a hot cam, aluminum heads, intake, and a dual-feed Holly carb. The engine bay is clean, with all components looking new, including the power steering, power brakes, steering box, wiring, and alternator.

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Underneath the Car

The car has undergone a frame-off restoration, with everything underneath being removed, and the suspension front and back being rebuilt. The car features a disc brake upgrade in the front, and everything underneath looks new, including the lines, hoses, and fuel tank. The floors are super clean and have been prepped and painted as well, making it a really nice car underneath as well.

Conclusion and How to Purchase

For more details and to talk to the sales team about this incredible 67 Camaro Rally Sport, visit You can also find this car and many others on their YouTube channel. Subscribe to their channel and click the bell icon to be notified of new postings. Thanks for watching!