1957 Chevy JUNIOR STICKER “Carrot Carat” After 50 Years of Golden Age

When it comes to drag racing, people often think of sleek, two-door muscle cars tearing down the quarter mile at breakneck speeds. However, four door drag cars were once quite popular in NHRA Stock Eliminator drag racing, particularly in the lower Stock classes. These classes saw all sorts of interesting combinations, from four-door sedans to station wagons and sedan delivery cars, all in an effort to balance horsepower and weight.

One prime example of a Junior Stocker is the 1957 Chevy 210 four door hardtop drag car that Don Kirkland built back in the late ’60s. Kirkland raced the car to a big win at the 1970 NHRA Spring Nationals, solidifying its place in drag racing history. However, after NHRA Stock Eliminator changed in the early ’70s, Kirkland parked the car and kept it all these years.

Thankfully, Kirkland didn’t let the car sit idle forever. A few years ago, he pulled the car out of the garage and shined it up. He now races it every year at the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, alongside his Junior Stock buddies. And, to make things even better, Alabama racing legend Rick Pennington helps wrench on the car, enjoying a trip back in time with this incredible survivor car.

Despite being over 50 years old, this piece of drag racing history is still making passes down the quarter mile. The paint, lettering, and decals are all original to the 1970 configuration, with only some minor touching up needed on the front fenders. Many other parts, such as the Cragar wheels, are also original, and the car now runs on a set of modern M&H 900-15 slicks that are very similar to what it ran back in the day.

What makes this car so special is not just its history, but also the fact that it’s a four-door hardtop. These types of cars were not common in drag racing, as they were typically heavier and had more wind resistance than their two-door counterparts. But, Kirkland managed to make it work, producing great horsepower with a tiny engine and pushing a hefty car down the quarter mile.

Overall, the 1957 Chevy 210 four door hardtop drag car is a true gem in the world of drag racing. It represents a bygone era when creativity and ingenuity were key to success in Stock Eliminator classes. And, thanks to Kirkland’s love and care for the car, it’s still making passes and bringing joy to fans and racers alike.