1957 Chevy Black Widow Recreation: A Car with a Fascinating Story

Back in 1957, the big car manufacturers, including Chevy, agreed not to promote car racing. They wouldn’t sponsor a team of race cars because it can end up killing people. However, they secretly supported a team that built anywhere between 6 to 18 black widows. It’s not very well-documented, but they bought the lightest, most stripped-down 57 Chevy they could find and put the Performance Driveline in them. This included a 283 with 283 horsepower fuel-injected motor and a manual three-speed transmission.

Unique Features

This recreation of the original Black Widow has a few unique features. The original black widows had their five-lug wheels changed to six-lug, and this recreation includes the six-lug wheels. It also has two shocks per rear wheel, making a total of four shocks altogether. The car has been redone very accurately to mimic the original Black Widow, with a nut and bolt body-off frame restoration.

Accurate Restoration

The restoration of this 1957 Chevy Black Widow is stunning. The entire body has been meticulously restored, with the chassis components painted in glossy black. The fuel system, brakes, and exhaust system have all been completely redone to bring this car back to its former glory.

Every single detail, from the Chevy orange engine to the floor sprayed in red oxide primer, has been restored to perfection. The car even has a Posi rear end and a three-speed transmission, dated 1957. Overall, the restoration is nut and bolt restored and truly incredible to behold.

Impressive Exterior

Upon inspecting the exterior of the car, it’s clear that it’s been restored to a high standard. The black and white paint is mirror-like, with straight lines, no rust or bubbles, and stunning chrome and stainless steel trim. The wheels, with reproduced Firestone Deluxe Champion Tires, further enhance the authentic look of the car.

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It’s worth mentioning that this is a stripped-down car, with no reverse lights and a radio delete. However, all the exterior features are either restored or replaced, providing a visually stunning result.

Interior and Engine

The interior of the Black Widow is just as impressive as the exterior. The trunk is like new and houses a matching Firestone tire, restored jack, and a correct rubber mat. Moving to the interior of the car, it’s clear that this is also a stripped-down version, with no backseat, roll-up windows, window regulators, or even visors. However, the lack of frills is made up for by the impressive 283 horsepower fuel-injected engine under the hood.

The engine bay is as clean and meticulously restored as the rest of the car, with every detail from the fuel injection system to the copper-coated hinges taken care of. Even the bottom of the hood is as nice as the top, which is a testament to the thoroughness of the restoration.

Unique Offering

With an impressive restoration and a unique story behind it, this 1957 Chevy Black Widow recreation is truly a one-of-a-kind offering. Its price is well below a hundred thousand dollars, making it an excellent value for anyone looking to own a piece of automotive history.

For more information and to view over 100 pictures of the car, visit volocars.com. This car is truly a collector’s dream, and with its fascinating history, it’s bound to make a stunning addition to any collection.