Introducing Volo Auto Museum

Hi, my name is Jay Grahams and my family has owned the Volo Auto Museum since 1960. We have a few hundred of the most exciting collector cars available for sale in one location. I personally have hand-picked them from around the country. Welcome to my sales shop, let’s go for a spin.

1950 Ford Custom Convertible

We’ve got a good old 1950 Ford Custom Convertible right here. Custom meaning deluxe, it’s not modified. This car is from a collector in the area who collects old 50s cars like this one. He’s owned it for quite a while and the motor has been recently rebuilt. The old flathead has been serviced and is in great condition.

Inspecting the Car

The car has been recently serviced, with $1500 spent on an inspection and service when it was put up for sale. The front end was gone through and greased, the idler arm was replaced, and the brakes were gone through. It also has a new master cylinder and the rear wheel cylinders were replaced. The rear brake hose was replaced, as well as a few other miscellaneous components related to the brakes. The e-brake assembly is also all hooked up.

Underneath the Car

Underneath the car, you’ll find that it is respectable and clean. The floors appear to be solid, and the frame and chassis components are in great condition. The front end components are smooth, clean, and not pitted or scaly. The rear end fluid was just changed, and it has a single exhaust with a little hole in the tailpipe. However, this is a perfect excuse to put on some dual glass pack mufflers.

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Examining the Body

The body of this Ford Custom Convertible is in really nice shape. The sportsman green color is a factory color and the body is straight and clean, with no rust or damage. The fit and finish of the body is excellent, and the paint is polished out like glass. The molding down the side is straight and polished, and the chrome and stainless steel components are in mint condition. The convertible top is a black cloth top in good condition.

Interior Features

The interior of the car features genuine leather upholstery, which is in really nice shape. The dashboard, gauge cluster, knobs, and controls are in great condition, and the vehicle features a radio and a clock. The steering wheel is in beautiful shape, and the interior has been repainted and restored. The motor compartment is also in great condition.

Final Thoughts

This 1950 Ford Custom Convertible is a really nice old car, ready for show and go. It has been well-maintained and is in excellent condition. If you’re interested in this car, make sure to visit and talk with the salesmen for more information. They can help you with any questions, concerns, and can even help with delivery and finance options. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated with our latest videos. Thank you for watching!