The Volo Auto Museum: A Family Legacy

Hi, my name is Jade Rams and my family has owned the Volo Auto Museum since 1960. We’ve curated a collection of a few hundred of the most exciting collector cars, all available for sale in one location. I personally hand-picked them from around the country. Welcome to my sales shop, come on, let’s go for a spin and explore some of the incredible vehicles we have to offer.

Take a Ride in a 1949 Ford Woody Wagon

Let’s start by taking a closer look at one of the gorgeous cars we have in our collection – the 1949 Ford Woody Wagon. This car embodies the classic California surfer vibe and has been meticulously maintained to preserve its authenticity.

Exterior Features and Maintenance

The body of this 1949 Ford Woody Wagon is in excellent condition, with a straight, rust-free metal roof and a professionally redone wood exterior. The car sits on four and a half inch drop spindles, giving it that classic low rider stance. The underbody is completely rust-free and has been equipped with a new single exhaust system.

The exterior also features new Coker Classics tires with white wall detailing, adding to its vintage appeal. All the chrome accents, including the bumpers and grill, are in pristine condition, contributing to the overall exceptional appearance of the car.

Exploring the Interior

Opening the two-piece tailgate, you’ll find a beautifully refinished wood interior. The rear deck features original rubber flooring, and the third-row seating is upholstered in genuine leather, adding to the luxurious feel of the cabin. The interior panels are meticulously crafted from mahogany, while the dashboard showcases a wood grain effect, exuding a timeless elegance.

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The genuine leather seats are in excellent condition, and the car retains its original features, such as the tube radio and optional clock. The interior is a testament to the craftsmanship of the 1949 Ford Woody Wagon, offering a true vintage driving experience.

Engine Bay and Mechanical Details

The flathead V8 motor runs smoothly, reflecting the care and attention given to maintaining this classic car. The engine bay is clean and well-maintained, showcasing the original components and ensuring that the car remains as authentic as possible.

This 1949 Ford Woody Wagon is a prime example of a well-preserved vintage vehicle, and it’s sure to bring joy to any enthusiast looking for a piece of automotive history.

Bringing Home a Piece of History

If you’re interested in acquiring this exceptional 1949 Ford Woody Wagon or exploring our extensive collection of collector cars, visit Our website offers detailed specifications, pricing, and financing options for all the cars in our inventory. Our dedicated sales team is available to assist with any questions and facilitate the delivery of these timeless vehicles to your doorstep.