The 1930 Ford Model A Snowbird is a unique and rare collector’s piece that is now available for sale at This Snowbird was originally used as a Workhorse, with its ability to function as both a regular model A and as a snowmobile. The skis attached to the Snowbird are designed to be easily adjusted, allowing for smooth transitions between driving on tires and driving on skis. The wide 15-inch track on the Snowbird makes it capable of traversing through mud and snow, making it a versatile and functional vehicle.

The Snowbird features a homemade deck, with plans to add more rows of seats for rides in the future. Underneath, it is equipped with a stock model A rear end and leaf spring suspension, making it easy and comfortable to drive. The model A four-cylinder engine has an optional heater that can provide some warmth even in open-air conditions. The original style Ford gripped headlights and radiator cover add to the nostalgic appeal of this vehicle.

With its unique design and functionality, the 1930 Ford Model A Snowbird is a true collector’s item for enthusiasts of classic cars, trucks, and snowmobiles. It is the perfect addition to any collection and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. To learn more about this rare collector’s piece and to view detailed pictures and information, visit

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